Living the Good Life, Episode 149 (July 19, 2020): Got my new major set up…

Welp, got it all set up. Made a call, did a bit of business online, and I’ve got 3 online Communications courses next semester along with one minor math course (that I was gonna take anyways as it overlaps with compsci). I’ll deal with those as they come, but for now it seems like I can enjoy the rest of the summer.






Nothing this week ;-;


Next season of No Guns Life is finally out, w00t!


Ep. 13: Takes up right where ep 12 left off–some nasty guys want the data Juzo got at the end of Ep. 12, and kidnap Tetsuro and Juzo’s gay friend to hold hostage for it! Even worse, Mary’s brother, Victor, seems to be a psycho who’s working with them (the terrorist organization Spitzbergen, which is anti-cyborg). I really like the new S2 OP, but the ED is this weird computer generated thing that kinda sucks. Ah well, at least the anime itself is still great.


Ep 14: Some more backstory on mary–she and her brother were raised by an abusive engineer, who Victor killed before joining the military and becoming Juzo’s assistant during the previous war! And when the war ended, Victor was the one who asked Juzo to protect Mary, which is why they’re together now. So then why’s Vic with the terrorists who wanna kill everybody?

Meanwhile, back at where the terrorists are hiding Tetsuro, he meets with their leader who reveals that Tetsuro was actually helping the terrorists by betraying the company (Beurhen) that makes cyborgs–but Tetsuro doesn’t remember, hmm. And is that little hand thing from episode 12 related to Victor in some way?

We do end up getting some answers…Juzo tracks down Victor and they talk, it seems the little hand buddy is controlled by him, and it seems like Victor actually has a reason for throwing in with the terrorists, but before he can explain, a guy from the government (we saw him last episode) tracking him down busts in, followed by Mary! That makes Victor go crazy, and he attacks everyone, including Mary and Juzo! Maybe he is evil and crazy after all.


Some more Monster Hunter World. Beat Alatreon a few times solo (it’s much easier because his stupid DPS check scales with your party), enough to get his armor, and that was that.




We Live Inside Your Eyes, another collection of short horror stories from Kealan Patrick Burke. Not too much to say about this either, I liked the last story the best, but I didn’t like this collection as much as Sefira. Ah, well…

Badwater by Travis Liebert. My first work from this author and I quite liked it, not just because of the low price. The book description on Amazon already gives most of it away, so all I’ll add is that it was reasonably well-written and Liebert’s own spin on a Lovecraftian setting is pulled off equally reasonably well–it’s not incredibly original, but not so derivative as to be annoying either. I might check out the rest of this guy’s books! 4 stars for being a worthy buy.

The Horror at Criven Farm by Amy Cross. A young couple trying to escape an unworkable situation with their families desperately needs a place to stay but they have very little money–yet by a stroke of luck, they happen on an abandoned house in the English countryside that seems to have absolutely everything they need, electricity, running water, and a fridge full of food! But it soon turns out that this unexpected bounty is all really a sneaky, devilish trap to lure unsuspecting people like them in…emphasis on the devilish!

Yup, another Cross story, not too much more to say than that without giving it away. The slow burn and eventual revelation is good, and there were a few minor spelling/grammar errors in my copy but nothing too serious. Got my money’s worth!


I’ve gotten into a new manga that started pretty recently, Kaiju No. 8! I’m really liking this. It takes place in a world sort of like Pacific Rim, where giant monsters constantly attack humanity, but rather than fighting them with giant robots, humanity employs teams with power armor instead. Our hero, however, isn’t one of those mighty warriors–he tried to qualify for power armor training but failed, while his childhood friend succeeded and left him behind, becoming one of the most skilled kaiju fighters in the world! Instead, our guy, Hibino Kafka, was relegated to a menial job as a Kaiju cleanup crew member. He spends his life cleaning after the warriors (who get all the praise and cash, naturally), and it’s a very disgusting job, since he has to help get rid of all the gore after the “real heroes” kill a monster. However, one day after a particularly tough job, a parasite from one of the dead kaiju hunts him down and enters his body, turning him into a super-powered kaiju himself–but one with a human heart and mind. Now he can kill kaiju as easily as the power-armored troopers, and perhaps now he can reach the dream he thought abandoned!

The problem is, though, that as a kaiju, everyone (including, of course, the agency he wants to join) will kill him on sight. Fortunately, he can shift forms between kaiju and normal human, so there’s an element of “gotta keep my identity secret.” I wonder how it’ll play out?

So yeah, it’s kinda like Kamen Rider, in that our hero fights kaijus/monsters by means of taking their power, but it’s also very funny thanks to the conceit of him being a regular, blue-collar guy who had to settle for his status in life. The art is really really good and the action is great too, I’m enjoying it! Only three chapters in, I hope there’s more coming on Mangadex…

Also checked out chapter 20 of Delinquent Exorcist Reina. This wasn’t a super funny chapter, but it was actually genuinely scary–the gang is helping a new character out with what seems to be a haunted photograph full of ghosts, which is pretty creepy!


W00t! The project has moved on to the printers, just a little more…

So yeah, pretty nice week. Here’s hoping, as always, the good times continue…

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