Living the Good Life, Episode 148 (July 12, 2020): Getting ready for a new major…

Well, going on what I said last week, changing majors it is. I think I might go with Communications because as it turns out, some of my compsci courses already taken can be shifted over to that, which is pretty convenient. I made a call and set up an advising appointment with the department next week, let’s see how that goes.


In better news, Volume 5 of the Berserk deluxe edition came in for me! w00t~







Nothing this week.




Played the new Alatreon update for Monster Hunter World, but they really messed it up. Alatreon’s essentially unbeatable unless you have a very specific elemental loadout. Ridiculous, not bothering with it. It’s a shame, because the actual fight is pretty cool. It’s just that you get an instant party wipe no matter what 6 minutes in unless you do enough elemental damage.


Aside from that, I’ve been playing Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2. Inti’s done it again! The original Curse of the Moon was a delightful throwback to the retro NES castlevania games, and this one is an EXCELLENT followup–more of the same, sure, but with the addition of more characters, a non-linear story path in the last episode, and some nice two-player mode action, you definitely get a good deal with this. It’s much harder than the first game, but man, so many new characters, stages, and enemies, it’s so much fun. While the plot doesn’t make a whole lot of sense–






The final episode has you building a 18th century space shuttle and blasting off to the moon, where you just fight demons without any oxygen, or any clear way to get home for that matter–though this also leads into a REALLY nifty little shooter bonus minigame!








There’s a good bit more dialogue, and you can learn about the character’s backstories a little more, which is cool. People initially complained that the game is just an hour long, but that’s BEFORE you unlock everything–once you do, it’s easily 4 to 8 hours long, and there’s also an element of randomness to the final episode that MASSIVELY adds replay value. My only complaint is that the music was pretty good, but the OST for the first game was absolutely stellar, so it’s a bit of a step down. But other than that, definitely awesome! Inti did a great job on this!





Sefira and Other Betrayals, a short story collection by John Langan (I loved the novel he did, The Fisherman). Pretty decent collection of spooky stories, not much else to say but that.


Next couple chapters of Send My Regards to Kenshiro. Not much happening, though our protagonist is apparently really, really, genuinely good with his acupuncture stuff…he’s trying to audition for a massage show, and his massages are so good he manages to get the interviewer guy “to a point of climax” with absolutely nothing but his pressure points. Lel


Pretty much done with my project, it’s now just up to my editor to get everything set up 😀 😀


Nice week! Wish me luck on the next one…

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