Resident Gunlord, Episode 11 (May 31, 2020): Back to the grind…

Yup, back at it. Here’s hoping this entry actually publishes at the correct time…


Programming Assignment 1

Programming Assignment 2

Programming Assignment 3

Programming Assignment 4

Programming Assignment 5

Weekly HW 1 – DONE!

Weekly HW 2

Weekly HW 3

Weekly HW 4

Weekly HW 5

Weekly HW 6

Weekly HW 7

Weekly HW 8

Weekly HW 9

Weekly HW 10

Final Exam

Posting on Class Forum


Monday: Compsci hasn’t started yet, it’s tomorrow. Went out to eat and did a bit of writing. Also got a free game and spent an hour playing it, Helltaker.

Tuesday: Watched my first compsci-II lecture. Scala seems a little different from Javascript and Python, but it shouldn’t be impossible. Sigh…

Wednesday: Asked some questions about compsci on the class forum and played Chimera Squad.

Thursday: Same.

Friday: Spent all day going over the course lectures and then doing the weekly hw.

Saturday: Went out to eat and finished up the weekly hw.
Sunday: Went out to eat and studied more compsci.

Things I Had To Finish This Week:

Just my HW.

Miscellaneous Goals:

Nothing really.

Things to Do Next Week:

Just keep studying.





Nothing…:sob: Hopefully starstar should almost be done, though.


Nothing this week.


Helltaker: Here’s my review on Steam:

“It’s very short, but it’s free. In terms of polish, it’s astonishingly good for not just a free game, but something made by just one guy (aside from the music and sound). It’s a simple puzzle game where you have to guide your character to the goal in a very limited number of steps (where actions like kicking blocks out of the way reduce your step count), and in most cases there’s a very strict limit to getting to your destination, if you go over the number of steps given you have to restart. Of course, your character is a guy who wants a demon harem and the goal in each stage is a cute demon girl. The aesthetics are charming and cute, which also make it worth the price, IMO. Really really nice work. I think I’ll buy the artbook thing just to show my support for someone who’s apparently a very good craftsman, but yeah, this is definitely well worth it for a free game (and I don’t usually even like puzzle games).”

Finished up Chimera Squad. This was actually really good. In terms of setting, it takes place a few years after you beat the aliens in XCOM 2, and earth is getting used to living alongside the former alien soldiers used against it. You play as Chimera Squad, a future SWAT team equivalent that has both humans and aliens from the previous games (snakes, Mutons, etc) that has to fight terrorists, hostage-takers, and eventually a conspiracy that threatens your entire city (City 31). The tactical battles are very similar to XCOM 2, but with a couple of differences. First, rather than being able to move all your guys in one turn, and the enemy doing the same in their phase, you and your enemies take turns, like in Final Fantasy Tactics. Second, there’s a new “Breaching” mechanic. Every stage in the game is set up into several encounters, and for each encounter you choose how to “Breach”–if you try to enter the area just through the main doors, for instance, you may suffer penalties like reduced mobility or overwatch fire, but if you use items like breaching charges to make an entrance for yourself, you can get benefits like stunning nearby foes. It’s pretty fun. Third, you don’t actually get to recruit and customize soldiers as you please–every policeman/woman you can hire is a unique character, and you have a choice of about a dozen or so. This ties into a critique of the game I’ll mention later. Aside from that, the strategic gameplay is sorta similar to XCOM and XCOM 2, modified for playing a police department in one city rather than a whole earth defense/resistance organization. Instead of countries, the city has districts, and you need to keep “unrest” in each district from rising, cause if it goes too high the city as a whole falls into anarchy and you lose the game. To prevent that from happening, you can send your cops on special missions, put them into special training, buy better equipment for them on the black market, and so on.

Now, remember what I said about your guys being real characters rather than freely-customizable mooks? The thing is, their writing and dialogue isn’t good. Aside from the humans, you can also get a Sectoid, Muton, Hybrid, and Snake cop, but they all sound exactly like humans and their dialogue is generally snappy “witty banter” you’d see in a kid’s cartoon. It doesn’t really fit the setting and it’s pretty derivative, which is a shame because the overarching plot is very good. I don’t wanna give too much away, but there are a bunch of conspiracies involving recalcitrant alien troops, humans who hate the aliens, and some other factions trying to cause destabilization that actually seems like a natural outgrowth of XCOM 2’s plot. My only complaint there is that the final villain doesn’t really show up until the end of the game–it’s mentioned a couple of times, but I wish you actually saw its units in action and so on. Also, some of the side dialogue, like the alien version of Alex Jones, is absolutely fantastic. So despite the poor character writing, the plot and side writing is good enough to make up for it.

Yeah, overall, this gets my recommendation 😀


Orenchi ni Kita Onna Kishi to Inakagurashi Surukotoninatta Ken: This is another cute manga, pretty sedate. You know all those isekai series where either a guy from our world gets stuck in a medieval fantasy world and has to adapt, or someone from a medieval fantasy world gets stuck in ours and has to adapt? This is one of those–essentially, a female knight fighting orcs and demons from a fantasy medieval kingdom gets teleported to modern-day Japan, and comes to live with a farmer dude who recently lost his parents. There’s a bit of an ongoing plot regarding the government having to put the visitor in quarantine (since they don’t know if there are diseases she’s carrying) and the girl’s brother and friend from the fantasy world trying to get her back, but for the most part it’s just slice-of-life about farming and cooking, along with a bit of romance between the guy and the girl. Comfy and fluffy.

Red Eyes: This is *definitely* not comfy or fluffy, but I like it anyways. It’s a hyperviolent scifi series about guys in power armor killing each other.I’m not sure about the plot and the mangaka is terrible at drawing female characters, but the power armor designs are fantastic and the action choreography is badass.

Chapters 107-111 of Musuko: Cute, we see more of the sibling relationship between the shop demon girl and her (previously) long-lost sister, and another character (daughter of the hardliners from the previous war) wanders into a city and finds out humans aren’t so bad after all :3 And chapter 109 seems pretty significant to the plot…so there’s this guy, Zeke (or Sieg), a demon who’s working for the human police to keep the peace. He doesn’t like the interdepartmental backbiting that’s going on so he pulls a couple of his own plans to make sure things work out better than his superiors intend, but it’s also revealed he has some history with the manga’s protagonist. And of course, the big reveal, he *is* the father…and he has a surprisingly tragic backstory, he has a legitimate reason for being absent for most of the story, he’s not a deadbeat. Oof, that was some good storytelling on the author’s part. Gotta give credits to the translator (xxsaznpride), I admit having some sharp words for him when he took the manga from another group, but he’s been doing pretty well.


King of Fantasy ch. 8: Fun times, our hero kills a giant spider and interrupts someone trying to cast a sneaky evil summoning ritual…but it turns out to be just a young girl messing around a bit, nothing too malevolent, lol.

Kitsune Spirit 46-48: That little ‘battle arc’ is finally over, now we can get back to cute fluffy stuff for a while, hopefully~


Nothing much, just got my homework done.

So yeah, this was a nice week, but…I can’t be too happy about it. Why? Because the country’s falling apart! These are the worst riots I’ve seen in my lifetime. I hope things calm down soon…

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