Resident Gunlord, Episode 10 (May 24, 2020): Decent break!

Back to (online) classes next week, so this week I can just relax…Also, this entry didn’t upload on Sunday! I wonder why! Really weird, sorry for the lateness guys. I shoulda checked…


Nothin, just relaxin~


Monday: Watched a bit of LoGH and played MHW all day. Also, AWESOME news, I heard Berserk is gonna be back on June 26th! Maybe Miura’s just going on a bi-monthly schedule, which is fine by me. Much better than once a year! Woo-hoo!

Tuesday: Watched some more LoGH, played some more Iceborne, and got another entry out:

Wednesday: Logh, Iceborne, and also got another entry out:

Thursday: Aside from more LoGH, got my final exam score for calc…a C. Not great, but not catastrophically bad. So I’ll end up with a B- or a C+ at worst. :phew: Least I passed…

Friday: Finished up LoGH: Die New These season 2. Also played some more Iceborne.

Saturday: Just read some manga and checked my project a little more.

Sunday: As above.

Things I Had To Finish This Week:


Miscellaneous Goals:

Nothin really.

Things to Do Next Week:

Get started on my next compsci course…




Nothing this week either ;_;


Finally sat down to marathon the second season of LoGH now that I had time. First, here are some good quotes from it:

Episode 13, Yang Wen-Li: “In human society, there are two ways of thinking. There’s the idea that there exists something more valuable than life, and the idea that nothing is more valuable than life. When people begin to fight they claim the former, and when they stop, they claim the latter.

Episode 15, Admiral Merkatz: “Privilege is the worst poison of all. It rots away a person’s spirit. [For those steeped in it], justifying themselves while blaming others has become instinctive for them.”

Episode 17, Admiral Bewcock to the coup d’etat forces: “Since the first humans crawled upon the land, breaking rules with violent force has never been called ‘courteous.’ If you want people to call it that, why not use this power you’ve gained to write a new dictionary before you use it?”

Episode 19, Yang Wen-Li: “Compared to our individual freedoms and rights, a nation isn’t worth that much.”

Poplan: “Booze and women are the staples of life! Not even a dog would agree to a double suicide with an ideology!”

Episode 23, Oskar von Reuenthal: “[The rightness or wrongness] of power is not determined by the means used to acquire it. It is justified by the manner in which one exercises it.”

In response, Mittermeyer: “Which means that some swindling and scheming is inevitable.”

Now, some other thoughts: One thing I noticed that I don’t quite recall from the original series was that when the Kaiser died in Die Neue These, some of his granddaughters showed up (like the daughter of Braunschweig), while in the old series only Erwin was mentioned. It didn’t play a big role in the plot, though. Also, Ovlesser’s capture was a little different in the new anime, they get him stuck in some fuel.

There’s also a HUGE change in the destruction of Westerland. In the original series, Oberstein justified his cruel ploy (allowing the bad guys to nuke Westerland so they would alienate their own citizens and military) by a very utilitarian calculus–if he let 2 million people die at Westerland, it would save the lives of 10 million by shortening the civil war. In Die Neue These, however, Oberstein only cares about solidifying Reinhard’s power, which makes him look much worse.

So, overall, my thoughts on the second season of DNT are the same as my thoughts on the first. Even though the character and ship designs aren’t as good as the original, the new series did a great job with the writing and depiction of politics. I’m a little torn on the power armor designs…on the one hand, they definitely look more like power armor, but on the other hand they’re not as distinctive as the original OVA designs. But whatever, at least it’s a decent show on its own.


Just an eensy bit of Iceborne where I could.


You know, it occurred to me that I’ve been reading more manga ever since I got a mangadex account, but never mentioned it here. Why not? Might as well start talking about it.

Parasyte Reversi: Y’all know I love Parasyte, and it seems a sidestory is *starting* to get translated! They might not complete it, but this seems very interesting–I think it’s about a kid whose father has been turned into one of those monsters. I hope someone continues with this series, the first chapter is just a machine translation.

The King of Fantasy: I’m not a big fighting game fan, but this is a fun story about a character from King of Fighters, Iori Yagami, getting transported into a medieval isekai world. Not much of a specific plot yet, it’s mainly him meeting isekai versions of other KoF characters, but there’s some decent action and it’s pretty lighthearted so far, which I enjoy.

My Son is so Cute, I Just Can’t Help Myself!: This is too cute, it’s a story about a world where humans and supernatural creatures (referred to as “demons,” but there’s nothing religious in the plot) coexist normally, and it’s essentially a slice of life about a single demon mommy taking care of her kid. There are some mini-plot arcs about keeping the peace between humanity and demonkind, but for the most part it’s just day to day fun. I don’t have much of a paternal streak but I do like cute things, and the baby in the story is pretty adorable, and all the female characters are *very* well endowed as well, so that’s a plus, haha. I hear the mother eventually gets back with the father of the kid in later chapters so it becomes a happy family type sitcom thing, but the translations haven’t gotten that far yet.

Kitsune Spirit: This is another cute family slice of life thing, this time between a husband and his Japanese fox spirit (yokai) wife. In this case it really just pure cute fluffiness, largely because the wife has some mannerisms of a fox (fluffy tail, sensitive ears, etc) so it’s super cute.

Sadamitsu the Destroyer: A couple friends of mine from /m/ had gotten started on this manga a while back, but after a hiatus they picked it up again, so I’m checking it out. Fun series about a delinquent kid who has to help a talking alien helmet with superpowers capture alien criminals. But man, it is a LOT different from the anime!


Made a couple more changes to my project–there’s always something, little spellings errors to correct and whatnot.

Man…overall, this was a GREAT week! No stress, had a lot of great food, and watched LoGH, which I’d wanted to do for a while. Fantastic stuff!

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