Resident Gunlord, Episode 9 (May 17, 2020): THE SECOND SEMESTER HAS ENDED!

Yay~ As I mentioned in a previous entry, this isn’t exactly a triumphant week for me, but a damn good one. Could certainly be worse.





Finished my compsci exam! And….bombed it.

This wasn’t my fault, though, at least not entirely. See, the instructors put the code we were supposed to interpret (multiple choice questions, identifying which part of the code was which) for like half the questions on the exam as images…


Seriously, they were all those “broken link” thingies. I got an email saying it wasn’t just me, and that they’d work on getting the points back for all the students, but…GOD! This is infuriating! How the hell am I supposed to answer a question if I can’t see what the question actually is?! I got so frustrated it threw me off my game for the rest of the questions I actually *could* answer. So I probably did even worse! Man, how annoying. Ugh…well, we’ll have to see how everything goes.

Tuesday: Just studied math.

Wednesday: Same.

Thursday: Finally finished my last exam (Calc) and I am DONE with the semester. Phew. After I took it, just played Monster Hunter a while. Got this entry written up too:

Friday: Found out I managed to just BARELY squeak by with an A- in Compsci as a whole! I did poorly on the final, but not poorly enough to wreck my whole grade. So that was good. I just relaxed by playing MHW and going to get some takeout, yay!

Saturday: Same as Friday. Got a lot of writing done on the entries I’ll post, very good times too.

Sunday: Same.

Things I Had To Finish This Week:

My finals!

Miscellaneous Goals:

Nothin really.

Things to Do Next Week:

Just relax until the 26th!




Nothing this week either ;_;




Just an eensy bit of Iceborne where I could.


Nothin this week.


Got a lot of writing done on some retrospectives of this semester! First entry is up here, more are coming:

Also, progress is comin along on my project…it’s gonna be great, lemme tell ya!

So yeah, very nice week overall. Also, the weather’s improving, which has REALLY lifted my spirits. No more God damn snow, it seems like spring has FINALLY arrived! YES! Hope the weather’s as nice next week…

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