Not exactly triumph, but survival. The second semester of the first year of my second runthrough of college is DONE!

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Well, this week marks the end of the second semester for me. I took my final compsci exam on Monday, and I just finished my final math exam this thursday night. Now, I should note that I don’t really have much of a break…my only summer classes start on the 26th. Still, at least I have something of a breather, which is better than nothing. And now I can take a couple steps back and reflect on how everything ended, at least.

Bluntly stated, it was *somewhat* disappointing. I could have done a lot better on both my final exams.

In the case of my compsci exam, it wasn’t too hard, but there were some problems displaying some images we needed to complete the problems, and that pissed me off so much that I just said “screw it” and tried to get through the exam as quickly as possible. My prof apologized for the problems and gave everyone full credit for them afterwords, so I DEFINITELY shoulda kept my cool! But I didn’t, and my haste on the rest of the exam meant I just barely passed (I got a C- according to the autograding system). Still, even though I bombed the final, I aced the rest of the course, meaning I think I’ll manage to squeak by with an A-, maybe a B+ at the very worst, which is quite good enough for me.

For my math exam…again, I think I did alright, but I could have done a lot better if I just studied more. I was just so tired and exhausted at this point that I phoned in the studying, and as a result, lost a lot of easy points on the last couple of questions. Though even without that, the difficulty of the last parts (antiderivatives) would have some dire implications for my ability to move on to the really difficult stuff in later courses. This influenced by decision to accept where I am and accept my level of math ability, as well as take some easier courses in the summer and the future.

That’s stuff I’ll talk about later. I have 3 entries planned:

1: Reaching my limit–talking about what I’ve learned about my propensity for mathematics, accepting where I am, and moving forwards from that, along with a little description of why I did better in compsci than math, and what problems I’ve found in doing compsci.

2: Advice I’ve found from looking at what I did right and what I did wrong in my math courses so far

3: As you can tell from my mention of being exhausted, I’m finding the coursework to be a challenge, but not an energizing one. I’ll describe it more in this third entry.

So to sum everything up? I didn’t do as well as I could have, but I did well enough–I survived, which is enough of a victory to merit the triumphant, accomplishment-filled theme of the Curse of the Moon ending I posted above. My thoughts on the semester generally? This old meme makes it pretty clear:


See ya soon, friends.

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