Resident Gunlord, Episode 8 (May 10, 2020): Finals next week!

Uuuugh, this was a worse week, primarily because the weather got cold again. It’s the god damn beginning of May, what the hell is with this cold?! Ah, well…least some good stuff happened earlier.


OK, I think I know what’s up for my courses.

Math: Just the final.

Compsci:  Just the final.



Awesome day! I got a nice big stimulus check in the mail and put it in my bank account. Also, it seems I may be *slightly* busier these days…apparently, the mods at the reddit /r/girlgenius sub haven’t been around for months and it’s been locked down! I tried to get in touch with them to no avail, so I applied myself to be a mod. If I get accepted, it’ll be a new moderating experience for me, as I’ve never had any authority on Reddit before, as opposed to forums. But it shouldn’t be too hard to learn. Wish me luck…or of course the mods might come back soon, in which case nothing happens XD

Tuesday: Just studied compsci.

Wednesday: Eventful day! I did end up being accepted as a mod to the Girl Genius subreddit…but the same day the old moderator came back! Hah XD Well, he was OK with me, so it should be all good 😀 Now that he’s back, I shouldn’t have too much work, thankfully…

Thursday: Well, I was accepted as mod! The original guy came back but said he wasn’t active, so along with me we promoted a couple of other guys and it should be all good. Also, the new Bloodstained Zangetsu DLC came out, but I hear there’s no story or anything, even a minimal one like in Dawn of Sorrow, so meh. Ah, well…aside from that, just studied more compsci.


Friday: Finished off my last compsci lab exam (I shoulda done it last week, so I had to take the makeup) and also did a webcam test for my final math exam. That’s on the 14th…the compsci final is prolly gonna be easy (just multiple choice), but the math exam is gonna be a bigger version of the one I bombed, so I REALLY gotta put in some mad studying for that.

Well, damn, it feels good to finally be done with all that stuff. Just the final and I will be DONE!

Saturday: Went out to eat after a long time…well, I didn’t, that woulda been unsafe. But I did get takeout, which is safer–no proximity to people and the good folks at Taisho Bistro were takeout only, nobody dining in, and had some hand sanitizer so everyone making pickups would be nice and clean. Then I went back home and submitted the last 2 math quizzies of this semester. Hoof…I can’t celebrate yet, though. Got the final next Thursday (the compsci one is on Monday and it should be pretty easy).
Sunday: Played a bit of MHW: Iceborne and studied math.

Things I Had To Finish This Week:

Last lab for compsci.

Miscellaneous Goals:

Study for finals.

Things to Do Next Week:

Take finals.




Nothin, but Star should have something ready for me soon.




More Iceborne. FINALLY got enough arena quests done to get me the Black Belt armor set!


Just studyan.



Yep, decent enough week, and hopefully the weather picks up the next. Onwards, onwards…


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