Resident Gunlord, Episode 7 (May 3, 2020): Almost done with the second semester…

Excellent week! One thing I’m glad about is that the weather FINALLY seems to be turning…it was snowy and cold almost all of April, but from Wednesday onwards it seemed like we finally had some proper spring/summer weather!


OK, I think I know what’s up for my courses.

Math: 2 more HWs, 2 more quizzes, the final.

Compsci:  1 more lab exam,  and the final.


Monday: Great day! Got a bit of math HW done and played more MHW. Also, my stuff from the Girl Genius: Queens and Pirates kickstarter came in today, yay!

Tuesday: Playing Iceborne and studying.

Wednesday: As above.

Thursday: Same.


Friday: Got some math HWs out of the way, but…man, I messed up! I was so involved with the math HW that I lost track of time and missed my lab exam! Well, thank God or good fortune, whichever you prefer, that there’s a makeup chance next week…


Saturday: Just hung around and rewatched my compsci lecture videos to get ready for the final the week after next.

Sunday: Same.

Things I Had To Finish This Week:

Just studying. Had to take my last compsci lab exam, but I missed it–but I can do the retake next Friday, so it’s not the end of the world, thankfully.

Miscellaneous Goals:


Things to Do Next Week:

Keep studying math and compsci.









Just more Iceborne. Killed my first Brute Tigrex on Saturday.




Still waiting for my reader to get back with some suggestions.

And that’s it for this week, see ya later guys.


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