Resident Gunlord, Episode 2 (March 29, 2020): Least I can get work done during the quarantine…

Holding up OK here…


OK, I think I know what’s up for my courses.

Math: 11 more HWs, 11 more quizzes, one more test and the final.

Compsci: No more quizzes, just 2 more labs, 2 more lab exams, project 1, project 2, and the final.


Monday: Did some more compsci studying after watching the uploaded lectures. Things aren’t going so well in math, tho…I attended the virtual lecture on Zoom, but me and the other students offered a bunch of suggestions to my prof about grades and schedules that she might or might not take, so I’m not sure how that’s gonna go…

Tuesday: Studied math a lil’ bit. Also played a lot of The Age of Decadence, got ALL the achievements! 😀

Wednesday: Good times, got some of the annoying programs set up for taking my virtual classes. I need this lockdown browser thing to prevent cheating and a grader application for some of the homeworks and quizzes that would have been handed in during class–it accepts pdfs and gives ’em to my prof. I have a scanner so it’s easy for me, just print out the hws and scan em after I’m done, but from what I hear it’s tough for folks without that sorta stuff. Ah, well…

Aside from that, got a bit of compsci studying down too 😀

Thursday: Not much work–I got Monster Hunter World: Iceborne today, finally!

Friday: Nice day! Did my lab for compsci online, and the last thing I ordered from came in, so my present internet orders are all set. It was the latest girl genius novel! I also got Color Out Of Space, as I mentioned, the 4th Berserk Deluxe, and a couple scholarly books that might be helpful. Check it out:

Saturday: Made sure that Gradescope thing is working right for my math stuff.

Sunday: Just studied math.

Things I Had To Finish This Week:

Some labwork and math homeworks.

Miscellaneous Goals:


Things to Do Next Week:

Just keep doing what I’m doing.



Nothin! :sob:


Nothing, Star’s even busier during the plaguepocalypse than I am due to the nature of her job.




A little bit of Monster Hunter World Iceborne, but I’ll play more next week.


Nothin, though I’ll get the 4th Girl Genius novel read next week 😀


Got in touch with my colleagues for my project, the coronavirus is keeping them busy (again, work,  just like Starseeker…I guess I’m lucky on that front, as inconvenient as moving online is for me, seems like everyone else has it worse), but they’re still on it 😀

So yeah, I guess the plaguepocalypse isn’t as bad as it could be. I’m still in good health, my friends are still in good health, and the schedule changes, while irksome, aren’t impossible to handle. Let’s hope my luck holds! I haven’t been ANYWHERE in weeks and I make sure to wipe down even the packages I receive, so hopefully that will keep the coronavirus away. From what I hear, that’s VERY nasty; even though I’m relatively young I could still end up dead because of it–it’s much riskier than the flu, most notably for the old but comparative it hits young folks harder too. Better safe than sorry…

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