Don’t forget the PSP!

Kimimi The Game-Eating She-Monster


Its’s 2019 and the PSP’s long dead and buried – if it ever truly lived – just another pretender crushed by Nintendo’s unbroken thirty-year grip on handheld gaming.

So it might be surprising to learn that PSP wasn’t a failure. Gaming’s handheld graveyard may be filled with the carcasses of Nintendo’s rivals but so very few of them deserve to be there based on the quality of their game selection, the PSP perhaps least of all – this is a format that sold over 82 million units in its lifetime, making it the sort of “fail” that should be read as nothing more than “It didn’t succeed as strongly as its main rival did”. If you’d like some broad sense of scale – a quick search suggests the PSP comfortably sold more than the Dreamcast, original Xbox, Wii U, Sega Saturn, and PC Engine combined. Or to put it another way…

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