Resident Gunlord, Episode 1 (March 22, 2020): Busy at home…

Okay, since this coronavirus shutdown seems to have really changed my schedule, it’s time for a new series! Not living the good life, cause everything’s on lockdown. And not college saga, because even though I’m technically still at college, it feels really weird to take all online classes! To note how dire the coronavirus situation seems to be getting, for the immediate future, we’re in Resident Evil mode, so…Resident Gunlord!


No idea how this is working anymore, honestly. All my courses have changed up a lot because we’re going online. Guess I’ll see next week…


Monday: Spent all day grinding away at the next batch of compsci problems, without leaving the house. Then I spent the night reading Screaming Metal by one of my buddies on Twitter. You should definitely check it out!

Tuesday: Aside from doing a bit more computer science homework, I watched my DVD of Color Out Of Space! I got it off Amazon, along with some other stuff.

Wednesday: MASSIVE grinding on computer science, didn’t get any work done on math like I wanted 😦 Maybe tomorrow will be better…

Thursday: VERY nice day! Got a lot of math studying done.

Friday: Didn’t get any work done, just relaxed all day chatting with friends on Discord.

Saturday: Now I got some math studying done! Soon I’ll have gotten through the whole textbook and can start studying for the final test…

Sunday: Managed to get the next ep of Dragonar out, w00t! 😀 Also studied some math and compsci more.

Things I Had To Finish This Week:

Nothing, really.

Miscellaneous Goals:

No time for goals in the plaguepocalypse.

Things to Do Next Week:

Just keep doing what I’m doing.



Nothin! :sob:


Yaaaaay! We did it!


Color Out of Space, starring Nicholas Cage and directed by Stanley. Got this on DVD the other day. This is a remake of Lovecraft’s short story, set in the 21st century rather than the early 20th. I won’t say too much about the plot, as it follows Lovecraft’s tale reasonably closely, admitting the requisite setting changes. I thought it was…okay. Pretty good, really. On the bad side, the acting wasn’t that great, aside from maybe Cage’s performance. But on the other side, there were some pretty cool effects. So I’m pretty happy with it overall.


Nothin much this week.


Screaming Metal. Here’s my review, posted on


OK, first things first–for full disclosure, the author is a friend of mine on Twitter, so I’ll admit this review may be biased. However, I didn’t get the book for free, I saw it on Itch and bought it. Thus, I think this review will be reasonably objective.

To begin, a brief word on the format of the book. From what I understand, it was originally written on Twitter, that is to say, as a series of extremely compact, sub-250 word tweets. The author turned the tweets into a book by keeping that formatting–every paragraph is under 250 words, just as they originally appeared! While it’s an original conceit, I don’t think I like it that much. The Twitter format is a necessity, but not a good thing in and of itself, and maintaining it for a .pdf file (as I downloaded the book) or even an ebook file means that it can be a little hard to read, especially when page breaks make extra “paragraphs” out of paragraphs that were already tiny. I’m also unsure of how it was edited–there do seem to be minor spelling errors scattered across the text.

However, aside from that, the story itself is really good! It starts off with a bang and then, after little bit of stage-setting, roars away. The action scenes are really, really goo, and as a big fan of the Dragon’s Heaven anime, I can definitely say that this story captures the spirit of that OVA. Without giving away too much, just as in Dragon’s Heaven, the human protagonists find an ancient, sentient robot weapon buried under a lot of junk. However, unlike in Dragon’s Heaven, there’s a lot more challenge in excavating the mech (the titular Metal), and much of the conflict driving the story stems from the problems they encounter (and not just from other humans) as they attempt to do so. This provides a hook for a compelling plot that, combined with the conflicts between the three human protagonists, kept me hooked for the whole day it took me to finish the novel!

So yeah, I took a star off due to the formatting rubbing me the wrong way, but with that aside, Screaming Metal was still a fantastic read, easily worth the recommended price (2 dollars was the default, and what I paid). Definitely check this one out!


Not much, my colleagues on my project are doing OK, but corona is keeping them busy as well 😦

Well, that’s it for this week…pray that my health, and my family’s, holds up in the coming weeks. I’ll be doing the same for you, friends. See ya next time…

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