Living the Good Life, Episode 146 (January 19, 2020, College Saga Interlude): Nice 2020 chillin!

Another nice, relaxing week :thumbsup:




YES! Starseeker and my great QC, Tougewolf, just finished up ep 41 of Dragonar! Good times ;D


 Nothin this week, busy implementing Touge’s changes 😀


Subnautica again for some reason. I just really like crafting nice, peaceful, picaresque bases. Although I’ve found that when creating bases on land, I end up making large towers. Here are some screenies:


Nothin much.



Well, next week is gonna be busier…I’ve gotten notes from my Calc 101 course next semester–the prof put them up already, apparently–so I think I should spend a week cramming even before class starts to really prepare. Wish me luck…



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