Gunlord’s College Saga, Episode 14 (December 8, 2019): Last week of classes!

Ooof…what shoulda been a pretty happy week (last one of classes!) turned into a tough one. First, my mom got sick, though thankfully it was just a cold ;-; Second, there’s been a change in one of my communities…nothing terrible, but I can’t talk about it publicly (staff stuff) so it’s been keeping me busy. Third, my beloved Little Lamb Hot Pot restaurant has apparently closed down! Fourth, I am doing MUCH worse in my classes than I should be. Argh…Ah, well, I suppose it could be worse.



All that’s left is the final, next week.


All that’s left is the final, also next week.



Monday: Beat the Wall of Flesh in Terraria. Urgh, now I’m getting kinda bored of it…well, Phoenix Point is coming out tomorrow, I’ll get on that. Also went to a couple of classes.

Other than that, I also watched Panzer World Galient: Crest of Iron. The mecha battles were cool, but the story kinda sucked. It made sense at first, but




then the bad guy killed his father, ostensibly under the influence of a demonic, forbidden-weapon mech. Okay, but when he does, the protag suddenly teleports away for no reason to enter the hero mech (the Galient), and after our hero bests the villain, the world seemingly resets for no reason, with him and his love interest being the new Adam and Eve. I mean, it coulda worked, but there was absolutely no foreshadowing or explanation for any of this, Ridiculous! Ah, well…in any case, though, one weapon one of the mechs used, a sort of spinning sword, really reminded me of the Heretical Grinder shard from Bloodstained. I wonder if IGA was thinking of that…

Aside from that, well…a change occurred in one of my communities; not something I can speak of publicly and it wasn’t anything too bad, but it does mean a little extra work and a bit of extra worry for me. Just gotta keep trucking…

Tuesday: Phoenix Point came out! Also attended my last math class just to get mah grades. However, from what I hear the game released very buggy and there’s a lot of content that didn’t make it in, like behemoths and haven defenders. I have a ton of reading to do as well, in addition to studying for the finals…maybe I’ll give a pass on PP for now. Or maybe not…

Wednesday: Spent all day at home playing Battletech. I said I’d be playing that again and given that Phoenix Point is sorta underwhelming, I might as well make fulfill that promise. Like I said on /m/ a little while ago, it seems like my Battletech related kickstarters (I gave a dollar to the revived game) are the only ones that really got quite a bang for my buck…

Thursday: Did a little shopping and played more Battletech. Also studied a bit for mah finals.

Friday: SHIT!!!!!!!!


Not a good day! I got back my second test on Compsci and found I bombed it, made a TON of really, REALLY dumb mistakes, like marking down a wrong answer I should have known and messing up basic math! Shit, shit, SHIT! I don’t know why I keep doing this! It’s like there’s something wrong in my brain. Damn it. Damn it! I don’t know what to do now–checking over everything twice, even feeling confident, none of that did any good at all. Again, I don’t know why I mess up like this…maybe I got overconfident and skimped on the checking over/rechecking of all my problems. Alright, I’ll see how that goes on the final. I’ll assume every god-damn question is wrong until I’ve done it over, completely, again on a piece of scrap paper.

Saturday: Studied for my CS final and went out to eat.

Sunday: Same.

Things I Had To Finish This Week

Nothing, just study study study, and I think I did OK with that.

Things to Do Next Week:

Take da finals!

Miscellaneous Goals:

Still nothin.






Star’s gonna get started with Dragonar over the weekend now that she’s gotten other stuff (Getter Robo and Raideen) done.


Nothing this week, really.


Since Phoenix Point isn’t great as it is, I went back to Battletech. I played a bit of a new campaign before finding out that most of the DLC content (especially the Flashpoint stuff) is only on Career mode, so I started a new save on that. Tons of fun…I’ve put in hours and hours trying to get salvage to make new mechs. That’s really the draw of the game, salvaging stuff for new giant robots! They really hit it out of the park there, it feels just as good as Front Mission did.


Icon and Swastika by Harvey Fireside. This is an old book (1971), but one of the few I could find addressing the question of religion–not just in Hitler’s Germany generally (there’s a lot of work on that), but in occupied Eastern Europe specifically, in particular the Orthodox churches. Quite a bracing read–although today we might say it needed more sources from the Russian side, when it was written Soviet archives hadn’t been opened, so Fireside does an excellent job with the available German reports and such. His conclusions seem to mirror those of Mark Mazower, writing decades later (in the early 2000s): Nazi governance was a clusterfuck of squabbling, backstabbing bureaucracies and cliques (ranging from the Wehrmacht to the SS to the Foreign Office to the gauleiters, or governors, of the regions labeled “Ost”), most of whom got in each other’s way, and ended up making Nazi policy both incoherent and ineffective. The fact that there was a religious revival of the Orthodox churches after the Nazis beat back the Soviets was quickly washed away by the thuggishness of the Gauleiters, who disregarded the pleas of the Foreign Office and others to act “nicer” towards the churches at least to mobilize them against the Soviets. This lead to most of the population concluding that the sieg-heilers were at least as “satanic” (if not more so) than the Commies, and ironically enough, Stalin came to a wartime rapprochement with the churches. Fascinating stuff, and Fireside really drives the point home by quoting from reports written by Nazis themselves about how their “brilliant” plans to exploit Christian animosity towards atheistic Communism were being foiled by other Nazis.


Nothin, just playin and studying.

Yeah, definitely the worst week I’ve had so far this year. But I suppose it wasn’t so bad, if the worst things that happened were a restaurant closing down, doing poorly on a test, a crowdfunded game being a disappointment, and my mom catching a cold (nothing worse, thankfully). If that’s as bad as things have ever gotten this year, it’s been a pretty good one! Of course, knock on wood…the year’s not over yet, maybe something really awful is in store. But maybe my luck will hold out and nothing much worse will happen. So let’s hope for that!

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