Gunlord’s College Saga, Episode 13 (December 1, 2019): Thanxgiving week~

Ah, thank God for Thanxgiving Break.



All that’s left is the final and a few more lecture questions.


All that’s left is the final.



Monday: Nice! Handed in my takehome math quizzes, easily done. With those out of the way, I should have a cool A for the course as a whole!

Tuesday: Since I’m done with math class, I just relaxed 😎 I also went to see The Irishman late at night…holy shit, it was SOOOO GOOD! Genuine kinography, that is to say, the height of moviemaking. I hadn’t seen much by Scorsese before, but man, I guess I should. I don’t want to say too much about the plot, but the color work, shot composition, and the way the actors convey emotions, subtly yet strongly, is all masterful. What a majestic piece of work. My only complaint–and its a very small, persnickety one–is that IMO having Pacino and de Niro play Hoffa and Sheeran, respectively, kind of undercut the ethnic dimension of non-Italian guys getting involved with the criminal underworld of that immigrant group. It’s the whole reason they specifically call de Niro’s character (Frank Sheeran) “The Irishman,” because he’s irish rather than Italian. But Pacino and de Niro are both obviously very Italian, and I didn’t even realize Hoffa was also a non-Italian until I looked him up on Wikipedia. But whatever, nbd. Really good otherwise!

Wednesday: No battletech this week I suppose, just played more Terraria…managed to beat Skeletron and access the Dungeon. Also did a bit of reading on a variety of subjects here and there.

Thursday: Excellent day! Went to a new restaurant (Gourmet House), then went back home and played some more Terraria, building a huge castle for myself 😀 I also wrote a thanxgiving entry~

Friday: Another good day. My Phoenix Point code came in (the game releases in a few days, so they’re letting us pre-download it), so I used it even though I hate Epic. Well, at least it’ll be on Steam in a year. I then went to my fave German restaurant and got a few books from my uni library, then I read some of my main man Padre Steve’s recent blog entries, then played more Terraria. 😀

Saturday: Another pleasant day, played more terraria and went to Trattoria Aroma 😀

Sunday: Another great day, went to Mandarin Garden and played more Terraria.

Things I Had To Finish This Week

Just study, though I didn’t do much of that. Too much relaxin…

Things to Do Next Week:

Attend my last week of classes and study for finals.

Miscellaneous Goals:

Nothin doing. Maybe I’ll wait for next semester to see how those go…






Damn! Star had an exam for her job (they dont have thanksgiving where she lives, haha) so no new ep this week ;_;


The Irishman, see my above review.


Just tons of Terraria.


Making my way through a library book, I’ll tell y’all more about it next week. Also reading some entries from the aforementioned Padre Steve 😀


My thanksgiving entry!

So yeah, nice break! Next week ain’t a break, but I hope it’s nice all the same…

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