Thanxgiving 2k19~

Another year, another thanksgiving. While this won’t be a long one, I figure it’s best to make a separate entry for it, especially given my new College Saga. So here’s what I’m thankful for…

First, of course, my friends, online and offline, from all my haunts and fandoms–Girl Genius, Berserk, Bloodstained, Phoenix Point, Castlevania, among many many others, and of course my brothers and sisters from this blog, my Tumblr blog, Twitter, /m/subs, and my discords.

Second, I’m thankful for my family, and that they’re still in good health, despite everyone getting older.

Third, I’m thankful for my own good health! No serious diseases or injuries this past year, I oughta count my lucky stars…

Fourth, I’m thankful for my new editor at Onus Books, JP, who is doing a really good job on sprucing up my big long project 😀

Fifth, I’m thankful for my good teachers at my new uni! My College Saga is going reasonably well because they’ve all been very good so far, I’m acing all my courses largely because of them. Definitely a nice happenstance! I hope my luck holds out next semester, though, especially since the subject matter will be muuuuch tougher.

Well, that settles it for thankfulness this year. Here’s hoping I have as much to be thankful for the next!

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