Living the Good Life, Episode 141 (August 24, 2019): The good life ends for now, College begins again…

Like the title says, this is gonna be the last Living the Good Life entry for a while. College starts next week…


Nothin much this week. I did get IT and Blade Runner 2049 on Blu-ray, though. I suppose you could say I’ve been watching a lot of vids from one horror youtuber I’m subscribed to, CZsWorld. For instance:





Damn! Starseeker caught a flu, can’t pressure her when she’s feeling under the weather. Ah, well…


The Last Door. This is a lovecraftian point and click adventure from the same guys who made Blasphemous, but…ugh, I didn’t care for it too much. Some of that’s my fault, as I don’t like point and click adventures most of the time anyways, but in other respects, it’s a little eeh. The good: The writing, dialogue, and plot are excellent, no spoilers but it really captures the themes of Lovecraft, though not explicitly using beasties from his mythos. The music is also absolutely fantastic. The bad, though? First, the sprites aren’t very good, your main character is really just a stick figure and while at some places you get excellent pixel art animation, for the most part everything is so stick-figure-y that some of the scary imagery just doesn’t make much of an impact at all. Second, your main character moves pretty slowly, and it’s boring to sort of click through a stage when you go through it the first time and wait for him to waddle to any given doorway, especially in the dark. Blasphemous looks like it’s gonna have MUCH better sprite art, and honestly, The Last Door would have been much better if it had Blasphemous-style sprites, which are MUCH more detailed and thus much better at depicting violence. Still, I got it on sale, and the soundtrack (done by Carlos Viola) was worth the price, so I can’t complain too much :p

My friend Purify also put up a nifty video about what he thinks might be in future Bloodstained games, check it out!

In other news…



Spoilers, but essentially…very cool chapter. Casca’s finally back in action, and it seems she hasn’t lost much of her fighting skill. She takes out a couple of training golems very easily. But it seems she can’t even talk to Guts face to face, she’s OK when she doesn’t see him, she can talk to him from behind a tree, but when she catches a glimpse of him, she freaks out, like she did the first time she saw him. Poor Guts…;_; This chappy really made me feel for him, and I already did! Well, time to wait for the next chapter…since Miura’s starting another series I bet we’ll endure another long hiatus ;_; Ah, well…


Aside from my previous entries:


(the latter of which I very much like), not much this week. Won’t be writing or reading much in the future aside from college stuff…


Whooof, got a lot of college stuff done! We had this orientation weekend and I had myself some adventures. Well, not much, really…just found out I wouldn’t be getting any financial aid at all this year due to some bureaucratic issues. Ah, well…it wasnt gonna break the bank anyways, just hafta do FAFSA earlier next year. :rolls eyes:

Aside from that, got some supplies, and I’ll have to do some financial aid stuff too. With all that said…on to next week!

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