Living the Good Life, Episode 131 (June 15, 2019): Busy busy June 2k19

Good week, and a productive one, though I’ve been occupied with a lot of stuff. And another entry of mine came out kinda late…I keep forgetting that Sunday starts on 12 AM, not just when I go to sleep. Now that I know what’s gettin me, I think I’ll set up an alarm so I’m better at keeping to the schedule next time. Hmm…alright, well, here we go again, as usual:


Jojo ep 34: So the mysterious dude took the arrow from Diavolo, and is just walking away, and while he/it is, Diavolo, Bruno, and everybody in the area–I mean the entire city of Rome–falls asleep! They wake up at dawn, but…it seems like they’re all in each others bodies! Like, when Trish wakes up, she immediately grabs Mista’s gun, and then freaks out when she sees she has boobs (and nothing down there), indicating Mista’s mind was put in her body! I assume the same goes for everyone else, so…who got into whose body?! Trish and Mista switched, and Giorno and Narancia switched, but who got into Bucciarati? That’s the question…

They try to activate their stands to figure out who went where, and it seems that as a consequence of the soul-switch, all stands were massively powered up! But remember, the same effect happened everywhere in Rome, and affected animals too, so birds are now in people’s bodies, and vice versa, leading to absolute chaos! They gotta solve this situation, and soon!

They get some help, as…Coco Jumbo starts talking? Oh man, Polnareff got switched with him? Oof…well, he explains the situation. When Chariot stabbed itself with the arrow, it powered up massively, gaining the ability to switch souls around, so it gave Polnareff’s to the turtle, but also switched around everyone else’s! That’s the real power of the arrow, and why he wanted to keep it out of Diavolo’s hands. And even worse, the stand itself has gone berserk and it has a life of its own–it’s the dude with a wide brimmed hat, and it’s just wandering around, doing its own thing. It turned out this had happened once before, when Polnareff was hiding from Diavolo and Chariot accidentally hurt a finger on the arrow, but P took it away from his Stand before this situation could occur. Then P tells the team that Diavolo has a split personality, and just as he does, Diavolo charges into the Coliseum, attacking Silver Chariot. But he uses Bucciarati’s zipper stand, indicating that Bucciarati switched with Diavolo’s body! Ooof…so where’s Diavolo–and Doppio? On to the next ep…


One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 9: OK, this ep was really great too. Saitama kills Bazen-whatever with one punch (He didn’t even remember him from earlier in the tournament, and I don’t either), which really inspires Suiryu, who now wants to become a bona-fide hero like Saitama.  Suiryu then tells Saitama all about the Monster Association turning people into monsters and how strong Goketsu is, and begs him not to face Goketsu alone, but of course Saitama does and kills the big guy just as easily. Meanwhile, Puri Puri Prisoner (the big naked gay dude from the first season) is fighting various monsters, still naked, and the general populace, while cheering him on, is constantly asking, “does he really need to be naked?” I was lol’in hard, as always, that sorta humor is why I love OPM.

So then Saitama goes back to the city, where all the monsters were attacking, but it seems like they retreated as part of their scheme. Now things get interesting…he gets annoyed when he realizes he missed the party, and says he can’t call himself a hero, but that gets him thinking about why he even became a hero in the first place–not to be called one, but for the same reason he joined the martial arts tournament; that is to say, he was interested in it. But fighting all these monsters still doesn’t make him feel anything. And then he happens to meet King, evacuated as ordered by the city government, who gives him some very sage advice. I think I might just quote this entirely, as it resonated with me–I mean, really did.


Saitama: I don’t feel anything no matter who I fight. I get nothing from it. There’s nothing I can learn from anyone else.

King: But isn’t becoming that strong an amazing feat in itself?

S: If you can’t grow anymore, it also means you can’t enjoy growing any more, either. No matter how many monsters I defeat, deep inside, I’m bored out of my mind. I never thought being a hero would be so lonely.

K: You’re lonely, Saitama?

S: Yeah.

K: Why don’t you check out the ballroom dancing school in front of City Z station?

S: Wh? Why?

K: Just make some friends if you’re lonely.

S: Uh, that’s not the issue here.

K: Why not?

S: Why not? Because…I’m not interested. I mean, I’m not *that* bored lately.

K: Then why not take a vacation once things settle down, for a change of pace?

S: Vacation? I can’t think of anywhere I really want to go.

K: Good grief. You say you’re bored, but you refuse to do anything. You seek stimulation, but you refuse to challenge yourself. I was like that in the past, too. Listen up, Saitama. Life is an endless journey. In order to see something new, you need to open up that path yourself.

S: Have you even traveled anywhere before?

K: I think you’ve mistaken becoming strong with reaching your destination. I don’t think the endgame for a hero is that simple.

S: Like you could talk to anyone about being a hero!

K: Seeking satisfaction from fighting is fundamentally wrong. Being courageous and taking action for the sake of others should be what truly gives a hero their meaning.

S: He’s actually making sense…

K: In that respect, you’re still not the ultimate hero, Saitama. Which means much remains for you in the pursuit of your highest ideals. It also means saying that you have no more room to grow is just shallow and arrogant, don’t you think?




But after that, King just asks, “wanna play some video games?” and that’s it, haha. I’ll write more about that exchange later, I just wanted to note it here for now. After that, then they encouter…Garo! He was beaten by the doggy guy and barely escaped, but even though he’s wounded, wants to try fighting King, whom he supposes is the super strong guy, but of course we know he isn’t. So Garo charges, and…gets knocked away in one kick by Saitama, who continues chatting with King about the monster association.

After that, there’s some random stuff. A couple of ninjas from the Monster Association offer Speed o’ Sound Sonic a monster cell to help him beat Saitama, and one of the rank S heroes, Zombieman, spies on a conversation between a gorilla member of the Monster Association and…a random gorilla…just out to buy groceries. Haha, another chuckle from me. So Mr. Gorilla takes out the Monster Association gorilla with one punch, and Zombieman follows him instead. Then, super martial artist Bang and his bro talk about the necessity of defeating Garo, and the executives of the Hero Association talk about the Monster Association and their plans. The episode ends with someone mind-controlled by the monsters invading the Hero headquarters, and Sonic eating the monster cell…after cooking it, wherein it’s revealed he got diarrhea. So maybe he won’t turn into a monster, haha. But yeah, now S2’s keeping up the humor, so I am likin’ it! And




Just chillin this week.



I’ve seen a new trailer for Phoenix Point, but it wasn’t really a whole lot of anything, and I’ve been avoiding news about the game cause I’m only planning on playing it once it comes out on Steam. 😛

Ooof…busy, busy week. So…it seems like Bloodstained, the game whose community I’ve helped moderate for just about 4 years and which I put 500 dollars into, is…out now?! The release date is next Tuesday, but retailers have shipped it out early already! ARGH! What a headache…after all this I might post a longer entry on my feelings about Kickstarters, but for now, suffice it to say I’ve just been a busy boy on the forums, trying to keep spoilers from ruining anybody’s experience ;-;


I’ve also been watching the streams of people who managed to get it from those sneaky retailers, and…I’ve pretty much spoiled the entire game for myself, haha. I wasn’t usually really big on spoilers, but now I understand why people are…now that I know what pretty much the whole game is like, I find myself with less desire to play it 😦 Ah, well…I got a lot of stuff to do anyways, which I’ll write about later (it has to do with the inspiring speech I quoted from OPM earlier in this entry).




It’s a strange thing, but an old friend of mine from the Fire Emblem fandom is hanging up his writing hat as well. Check out his story, it’s quite cute and uplifting in the end, IMO:

Aside from that, not much this week, too much time spent watching Bloodstained videos ;p


See above, haha. Maybe next week will be more productive, but since that’s when Bloodstained releases, I think not ;3 See ya then!


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