Living the Good Life, Episode 125 (April 20, 2019): Good weather and good times continue!

The weather continues to be wonderful, nice and warm and sunny 😀 I’ve been enjoying mahself! The lowdown:


Jojo ep. 27:

What a crazy battle! So with the fragment of the Boss’s power, Doppio can see into the future, even if he can’t quite erase time. Risotto is invisible somehow, and injures Doppio further by manifesting scissors under the skin of his throat, but just under the skin, not in his trachea or windpipe itself, so he can tear out the scissors without killing himself. Then, when Risotto tries manifesting more blades out of iron, Doppio notices that the nearby frog he was using as a “phone” explodes into razor blades first, telling him that the stand user must be that way–it seems like he’s smarter than he appears, or maybe it’s the Boss’s personality leaking through. Either way, he summons one of King Crimson’s hands to through the blades from the froggy right back at Risotto, severing his foot, even though he’s invisible.

At this point, it seems like they’re figuring out each others power–Doppio sees that Risotto uses the iron in people’s bodies to create iron blades, and manipulate iron in other ways; he covers himself in iron powder to enjoy stealth, and Risotto realizes that Doppio is the Boss’s alternate personality, and has the power of precognizance. Risotto creates staples out of the iron in his own blood and staples his foot back to his leg. Then we have a flashback about Risotto and his Execution Squad trying to hunt down the Boss, and then Risotto turns back invisible and turns the iron in the environment around (rocks, soil, etc.) into blades and attacks Doppio. He manages to use Crimson’s arms to block some but not all of the attacks, and then Risotto reveals how he’ll kill Doppio–he’ll simply remove all the iron from his blood so his blood cells can’t transport oxygen through his body. However, Doppio’s in luck–the Bucciarati gang is nearby, including Narancia, whose Stand power targets people breathing. With no oxygen, Doppio can barely breath while Risotto can do so easily, so he tosses one of Risotto’s blades at Narancia to make the gang think they’re being attacked, and Narancia’s stand homes in on Risotto rather than Doppio (because, again, Doppio can’t breath without iron in his blood) and blows him away. The Boss has won!

Ergh…man, as wacky as these fights are, I’m not sure I’m liking them…they’re really stretching my suspension of disbelief. If Risotto can make blades materialize out of the iron in a human body, why didn’t he just turn Doppio/Boss’s blood into a bunch of razors and kill him immediately? If there’s a limit to that power, it’s not really made clear. The only way the Boss should have survived that battle, IMO, is through full use of his time-erasure power. But, ah, well…

One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 2: This is darker thanI’d expected…Garou, the villain with the wacky hair, slaughters all the criminals the Hero Association has gathered, along with a couple of heroes too.

Meanwhile, Fubuki/Blizzard and a couple of her goons go to Saitama’s house to try to bully him into joining their “faction.” Her goons are beaten easily, but she’s actually a powerful psychic–but no match for Saitama. Or even Genos, who’s fighting with Speed o Sound Sonic to keep him from annoying Saitama. This completely astonishes Blizzard, who’s just a B-class hero, and she gives up. She explains her situation to Saitama: She’s the younger sister of Tatsumaki, and could never surpass her, so she wanted to be at least #1 in the B class, which was why she was building up a “faction” to oppress other heroes. Naturally, Saitama doesn’t care about that stuff :p

That’s pretty much it for this episode. I could really see the lower animation quality compared to season 1…but even so, it’s not bad on its own, just not as good as it used to be. Ah, well, the soul of the series is still intact, and that’s the most important thing 😀




Star might get to work on the next ep of Dragonar soon 😀 We’ll see…



Just more Monster Hunter World, grinding a lot of Arch-Tempered Kulve Taroth this week 😮


Not much again, too much Kulve Taroth :[


See above XD


So, not much happening, but a fun week nonetheless. Here’s to next week…


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