Living the Good Life, Episode 124 (April 13, 2019): Good weather and good times, April 2k19!

Ahhh, it seems winter is finally, FINALLY over. There’s more sun, I haven’t seen any snow on the ground at all, and sometimes I can actually go out without putting on a thick winter coat! Wonderful, wonderful.


Jojo ep. 26: Ooookay. God damn, we finally get  alook at the boss of Passione, and boy is it weird.

It starts with a flashback–in the 60s, some lady gives birth to a boy with pink hair in Sardinia, despite being in a women’s prison with no men around for 2 whole years. The boy’s given up for adoption to a Sardinian priest in a nearby village, and he seems like a normal dumb kid, but one day the priest discovers the boy’s mother–still alive–beneath the floorboards of his home, and then the kid kills him and burns the entire village down!! Then, later on, we see the kid wandering around, and he talks to a fortune teller who thinks he’s hiding secrets, and then…he suddenly turns into the Boss!


Seriously. The kid’s muscles expand, his hair grows out, and he instantly becomes taller, and he summons King Crimson to smash the fortune teller and prevent his identity from getting out. I guess the boss of Passione is two people in one, a split personality so nobody suspects him of being the dumb kid who seems totally helpless!


After that, he asks the fortune teller where a mysterious guy with red eyes named Risotto seems to be. I think that’s the leader of the squad of assassins who were trying to find Trish before Bucciarati and the gang betrayed the boss. Nice to seem them back!


So anyways, the kid takes a cab to the place in Sardinia where he thinks Bruno and Giorno and their friends will show up, and we get more insight into his split personality. His name is Doppio, and when he gets there, after threatening his cab driver, he suddenly makes a ringing sound like a phone, rips off a souvenir from the cab’s dashboard, and speaks into like a phone, like he’s getting a call from his boss–the leader of Passione, his “true” personality. He talks to himself in the Boss’s voice, where he says he’s being watched by Risotto.

The sinister assassin starts threatening him, wanting to see what’s in the envelope he’s carrying (the picture of Trish’s mother), but is confused because Doppio’s so cowardly he doesn’t seem like a member of Passione. However, he can tell that Doppio is a stand user because he hears a stand flying around nearby–Narancia’s Little Bomber! So he starts trying to kill Doppio by apparently transplanting razor blades and spikes into his face and throat–I guess teleporting blades is Risotto’s power. But Doppio’s not dead, and charges at the assassin, who retreats. Doppio gets another “call” from the boss, using a frog as the phone this time, telling him to get close to Risotto. He says he can’t, but the boss says he has a fraction of King Crimson’s power, and the stand’s secondary face appears on Doppio’s forehead.

Man, this episode was…interesting. I don’t like the lord of Passione as much as I liked Kira from Part 4, but the whole dual personality thing is pretty intriguing. God bless Jojo, this is some good stuff 😀


One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 1: Yay, the second season is finally out, and it’s really funny! So naturally, OPM and Genos are chilling when they’re attacked by a bunch of monsters, but nearby there’s this super-cool badass named King, apparently an S-class hero, who makes one monster stand down by just being intimidating (he’s tall and he has a scar, which makes him look very tough). But when another one comes along, he runs away, and it turns out he’s just a cowardly antisocial NEET who just wants to play his dating sim games all the time. The only reason anyone thinks he’s strong is that he’s just really unlucky and always shows up in the same place monsters attack, and when Saitama shows up to save the day, he’s always given the credit, which is how he got moved up to S-rank! Oh, man, that’s the sort of humor I love XD XD

So while Genos deals with the monsters, Saitama follows King to his house to ask him about how he became such a mighty hero, and listens to King’s explanation about being a fake. But Saitama’s not even mad, he just encourages King to get stronger. Then they sit down to play videogames together, and the episode ends with an exposition from the Hero Society that huge monster attacks occurring more and more pose an increasing threat, so they’re asking even criminals and monsters for help–naturally, Speed o’ Sound Sonic just wants revenge on Saitama, and a new lady, Blizzard, wants to meet him for her own reasons. But there’s also one guy there with a weird hairdo that seems tougher than the rest…I wonder what’s up with him? Guess we’ll see next week…




Same as last week, Star’s busy busy :p



Battlefleet Gothic Armada II. I liked the first one, to quote from my review of it here:

[It’s] a pretty solid RTS feature fleets of ships in space (in the Warhammer 40k universe, which most of you are prolyl familiar with, I’d wager), though sometimes the randomness can get really annoying. In some missions, you have to get a ship to a certain location in time, and they can be either very easy or close to impossible because the locations are randomly determined—i.e far away from your fleet or very close to it. But other than that it’s a damn fun spaceship RTS.

Battlefleet Gothic II is an improvement in nearly every respect. The graphics are pretty much the same and the combat system is *slightly* different (your lightning strikes can now kill a spaceship’s crew entirely and turn their ships into drifting hulks, but other than that you still have Nova Cannons, various stances, and so on), but there’s a ton of new content thanks to a couple of new factions–the Necrons and the Tyranids (Space Undead and the Zerg in the 40,000 universe, respectively). Even better, the Necrons and the Tyranids have their own campaigns! I’ve mainly been playing the Imperial campaign, though. It’s…ehhh. It captures how it must feel like defending a sector of the Warhammer galaxy against constant, never-ending incursions from a zillion different factions pretty well. They improved upon the previous game’s campaign pretty well, now the economy and and building up of planets to get you money to buy new ships makes much more sense. However, what makes sense in lore doesn’t translate well to gameplay. It’s incredibly annoying having to deal with constant enemy incursions that just pop up randomly, you can lower the “threat level” of systems to keep enemy invasions lower, but since they can come from anywhere, there really aren’t as many chokepoints or strategic locations you can control to limit where the foe is coming from, which is absolutely annoying.

Aside from that, it also seems like there’s less mission variety. In the previous game you could capture information from flagships, escort friendly transports, and do a couple of other things, but in Battlefleet Gothic II, most of your missions are just straight-up either exterminate the enemy or dominate several sectors of battle, with the other types of missions only appearing in specific story-important segments. Also, during battles, there are some really annoying glitches where your ships will spawn on the map right on top of each other, blowing themselves up! Finally, in general the game crashes too often and runs too poorly for my tastes–just earlier on Wednesday I’d finished a tough story mission, and the game crashed! It also seems to hang up whenever I go to the ship-building screen. So yeah, it’s fun, but man, those glitchies…:[ But in any case, the tactical combat is entertaining enough that I think it was a very worthy purchase. Tinadalos Interactive knows what’s up, they just gotta be more careful about the bugs and stuff!


Not much this week…


Not much, I was mainly occupied with OPM s2 and Battlefleet Gothic. Next week will be more productive ;o

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