Living the Good Life, Episode 123 (April 06, 2019): VERY productive beginning of April 2019!

Another productive week, hooray! The lowdown…


Jojo ep. 25: Oooh, big stuff happening. Trish tries to get to Giorno’s hand, but moves too quickly and the evil Stand latches on to her boot! But strangely enough, her boot falls off of its own violition, and when the Stand tries to attack her again, it gets absorbed by one of the nearby seats, which turns into a rubbery substance. Then Trish hears a voice speaking to her–a female Stand! It’s her own, and unlike most Stands seems to have a mind of its own too. Its power is to make things soft and rubbery, which is how it keeps the evil Stand from eating everything. Alas, Trish doesn’t listen to its advice and panics, and the enemy stand follows her into a closet, but working together with her Stand, she manages to tear the evil thing into little pieces. She thinks that’s the end of it, but the enemy Stand is unkillable, and pieces of it slid from the closet into the plane’s engine, gumming up the works and regenerating itself. But this time, Trish stays cool–she brings Giorno’s hand up to the cockpit, and then turns the cockpit into a soft rubbery parachute, so the team grabs on to it (with their injured teammates stored in their handy turtle) and floats gently down to the sea in safety, while the evil stand chases the faster-falling debris far away. A bit of the monster is latched on to Abacchio’s hair, so Bruno attacks it, making it grab on to his arm, and Trish’s stand cuts the arm off with the knowledge that Giorno will heal it later. The day is saved! Though maybe not for random bystanders…apparently the stand becomes a Kraken-like monster and attacks ships in that part of the ocean.


Afterwards, the Boss of Passione is in a hotel room, using his computer to look up info on Trish and her protectors, and he’s convinced they’re not dead and that he has to head to Sardinia and take them out himself. Then a cleaning lady stumbles upon him, but he uses his time-erasure powers to convince her she didn’t see anything and the room is completely empty–except for a picture of Giorno on the windowsill, which blows away…


Hmm…not sure I cared so much for this episode. I found it a little tough to follow, with Trish’s stand powers to be difficult to understand–why is it one of the few Stands with a mind of its own? And it can make things soft *and* punch the crap out of them? Well, maybe Jojo’s for smarter people than I. At least I’m still entertained 😀




Star’s got some other stuff on her plate, when she’s done with it (a couple of eps of another anime), she’ll get to work on Dragonar 😀



Some Monster Hunter World. Arch-Tempered Xeno’Jiva is REALLY frustrating, I hate that thing, god damn.



Not much this week, I was putting the finishing touches on the video essay you saw on the second of this month! 😀


Working on my video essay :p You can see the fruits of my labor here:

Let’s see what next week holds…

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