Living the Good Life, Episode 119 (March 09, 2019): Noice times!

A better week than last week 😀 Here’s how things went…


Nothin this week. Jojo had another recap ep :p




Next ep of Dragonar is UP, my friends!



Still playan Monster Hunter. Trying to grind to Hunter Rank 100 on my main character for the achievement…

Also, Phoenix Point announced the winners of the short fiction contest! They oughta put em up soon…


Some stuff relating to my secret project…which may not be secret indefinitely ;D Read on…


As with last week, some more revision on my secret project…but this time, enough to get it started–finally–on the next stage of its progress! I still can’t talk about it too much yet, but in time I might be able to. Stay tuned, and see ya next week!


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