Living the Good Life, Episode 118 (March 02, 2019): Eensy bit of progress!

A better week than last week 😀 Here’s how things went…


Golden Wind ep. 21: Alright, this is neat. I still have no idea how King Crimson works, so I’ll just leave that, but Bucciarati manages to save himself from being punched open by King Crimson by using his stand to zip up his wound–but it’s still not enough, as KC dodges his attacks again and nearly chops him in half. However, the brooch Giorno planted on the Passione boss was made of a little bit of the turtle, Coco Jumbo’s flesh, so Giorno figures out Bucciarati is in trouble and turns the brooch back into a turtle, which has Coco Jumbo’s stand power–it sucks King Crimson and the boss into its little pocket dimension. Damn, that was a smart plan!


Maybe not that smart…King Crimson’s abilities enable the boss to escape from the turtle very easily, so Bucciarati has a last-ditch plan (he’s nearly chopped in half) to use his stand to escape, which KC didn’t expect (he thought Bruno was going to keep attacking), meaning he didn’t predict Bucciarati’s next moves. But though Bucciarati manages to escape, and Giorno rushes into the church just in time to heal him before he dies. Giorno’s friends arrive too, and even the Passione boss, commanding King Crimson, doesn’t think he can take all of them at the same time.

So they go back to the boat, and Bucciarati admits he betrayed the boss to save Trish’s life. He’s begun a campaign against the boss, and tells the team that they don’t have to accompany him if they don’t want to. But naturally, they all do, except for Fugo, who’s the only one that refuses to join Bucciarati’s insurrection. And thus the next part of Golden Wind begins…


I also checked out this video on Youtube:



It’s an in-depth documentary on Mighty Number 9, explaining (with direct input from some folks involved, most notably Ben Judd) what went wrong and why the game ended up being so disappointing. Definitely recommended watching for anyone interested in the myriad challenges faced by crowdfunded videogames, as I am!




Star got back to me with the next file for the next ep of Dragonar, I’ll put it up soon 😀


Lotta Monster Hunter World recently. I guess I missed the opportunity to face Kulve Taoroth, but I’ve fought a couple of the new monsters, namely the Behemoth and Lunastra. Now just waiting for the Witcher tie-in to come out…


Aside from that, tons of stuff going on with Bloodstained! I mentioned the new trailer last week, but the KS update adds more notes:


More graphical improvements, physics improvements, tons of stuff! It looks like bloodstained might really banish the MN9 crowdfunding curse…


Aside from that, I hear Phoenix Point got the batch of winners for the fiction project all decided, the staff (Allen Stroud and Jonas Kyratzes) is just waiting to hear from the lucky winners. I don’t think I won, but ah well, I was glad to have participated. We’ll see when the update comes out. Good times 😀


A little bit here and there related to my secret project, but not that much. Meh ;p


A little bit of revision on my secret project…not as much as I’d hoped, but as the video I liked to earlier states, better than nothing XD I oughta really make some progress next week, though 😀


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