Living the Good Life, Episode 106 (December 8, 2018): Nice Christmas Season~

Damn cold and pretty snowy, but life’s good again 😀


Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu ep. 10: Haha, back to the sort of stuff I like. In this episode we see the evil dictator of the antagonist nation, Metus, who’s a parody of Gihren from Gundam–and it’s great! He gives a big speech like Gihren did, but he had to look at scribbled notes on the back of his hand, and then when he gets home, we see he has a mundane middle-aged dad family life, like he tries to use his “universe sense” to get 500 yen lottery tickets, and his family harries him. Meanwhile, Isuzu gives Subaru’s evil clone kind of a plot dump, spending several minutes talking about how Metus was founded after finding this monolith inscribed with the wisdom of “Grand Mars,” and if Isuzu can translate it, he can “revolutionize Metus.” That’s why he’s studying the Universe sense. And then…he and the clone go to eat at a revolving sushi restaurant, where different kinds of sushi are placed on a conveyor belt. It’s a nifty idea, but the funny thing is how excited the super-edgy clone dude gets over the sushi! XD


Gridman Ep. 10: Hmm…after the previous episode, it seems that Akane, the God of the whole setting, it seems, has disappeared. Yuta and his friends go to her house to see what’s up, but it opens into this weird computer world void! Now they’re worried what’s going to happen to them if their “creator” is gone. Well, as you can expect, another Kaiju shows up, but it’s weird and half-formed, and Gridman defeats it easily. Then Anti shows up, and Gridman beats him easily too, and says he won’t kill Anti because the kid is no longer a kaiju, but a real living being, since he’s made friends with humans and shows concern for his creator (Akane).

Then things get really weird. Another Kaiju pops out of the weak kaiju like it was gestating inside or something, and then starts wandering around the city, just chopping the heads off of all the statue-kaijus sitting around. Gridman sets off to fight it, but this one is MUCH tougher and beats Gridman easily! He’s only saved from total defeat by Anti, who comes to save him despite their rivalry! He can’t beat Gridman if someone else does, after all. He then gains a transformation–he turns from a Kaiju into a Gridman-like being and easily defeats Akane’s new Kaiju, saying it’s a reflection of Akane’s heart. This new form is called “Gridknight.”

So it seems like the episode ends on a happy note, with the kaiju defeated again. But then Akane shows up, and out of nowhere, she just stabs Yuta with a knife, or maybe boxcutter or something! Jeez, what a cliffhanger…

Jojo ep. 10: Narancia’s fight with the shrinking guy continues. Narancia is shrinking himself, and now he’s so tiny he’s the size of a bug! But the enemy stand user is still in his pocket, and shrinking along with him too–so Narancia fishes him out and tries to kill him, but he manages to escape by turning a pen back to its original size, which launches him away with a good deal of force. So then the tiny Narancia and tiny badguy have a duel with their stands, which is pretty nifty–Narancia’s airplane against the guy’s slashing attacks, while both are super tiny! Definitely a cool fight, as I always say, the reason I love Jojo 😀

So after that we see a little bit about the bad guy’s backstory. He seems to be part of an evil team of stand users who look really creepy and are pretty ruthless, he assassinates someone by shrinking a car, slipping it into the guy’s drink, and then making the car return to normal size, exploding the guy’s body from the inside out! D: But when the guys think about rebelling against the mysterious boss of Passione, the boss kills two of them in an EXTREMELY horrific manner and secures the loyalty of the rest…at least until now, cause they think they can use his daughter to strike it big. But first they have to deal with Narancia, who’s still hunting the tiny dude with his airplane stand, this time through the sewers. It seems like the plane can hunt people down by their breath, and it manages to catch him, but he restores himself to normal size while Narancia and his stand are still tiny, so Narancia’s miniscule bullets can’t damage him! How’s the kid gonna get out of this one? D:



Nothin much this week, Star’s chillin :p


Mainly a ton of Total War: Warhammer II, the Mortal Empires campaign this time. Might write a bit more on it later


Nothin too much, mainly playin TW:W2 😀


I did get some stuff done this week! Just about finished with my PP fanfic, gonna look it over a few times before sending it in, but yeah, finally done 😀 And an eensy bit on something else, but more on that next week ;D

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