Living the Busy Life, Episode 5 (December 1, 2018): Back to relaxin!

Well, one bit of good news-this ought to be my last ‘living the busy life’ entry for a while. The thing that kept me busy is over, at least for now. Still can’t talk about it much, but maybe in time I’ll be able to. So here’s what I did for the last week:


Tiramisu ep. 9: Meeeeeeh, this ep was OK. Not as great as the other ones. So Subaru gets a new sidekick, a humble young kid named Romeo Alfa, who’s even better at the mecha simulators than he is even though Romeo is just a rookie! So Subaru goes kinda crazy with jealousy and obsessively plays the simulator…until his ship exits warp space and he forgets all about it. Then he and romeo go sortie in a mecha graveyard and they both get scared of ghosts, so they panic and Romeo blows up the head of Subaru’s Neo Durandal! Hmm…amusing, but it didn’t have any of the goofy references to Gundam I enjoyed. Though the bit about ghosts probably referred to some specifically Japanese folklore I wouldn’t be familiar with :p

Jojo ep. 9: Now that they’ve bested the enemies that came after them, the gang can search for the money on the island. It seems Bucciarati owes it this old mafia dude who’s lying low as a janitor. He walks into a public restroom, and it seems he hid all the money inside a urinal with the power of his stand–remember, it can make extradimensional holes in things, so he made such an extradimensional pocket in the interior of the urinal and hid all the money in there! The mafia dude is happy, and Bucciarati is promoted to capo, replacing the deceased Polpo. Yay!

So then they’re given their first responsibility: guard Trish, the daughter of Passione’s mysterious boss. She’s in disguise as well, as another janitor working under the old mafia man–if she’s really related to the head of such a dread Mafia organization, it makes sense she’d want to lay low too. The old dude gives us a bit of backstory on her, purposefully vague since not even he knows her father (the Passione boss)’s true identity.

Well, that’s the start of their mission. Trish immediately orders them to buy a bunch of stuff for her–she seems like a real diva! Man, it’s gonna be tough looking out for her, lol. So once they get to the hideout, they send Narancia (the feminine-looking kid) to do shopping, and he’s promptly accosted by one of the villains who want to kill Trish! This guy named Formaggio knows they killed Polpo and tries to torture Narancia to get information on where the rest of them are, using his own stand, a little imp thing with hand-blades. Narancia unleashes his own stand, something that looks like a toy remote-controlled fighter plane that shoots real bullets and bombs. But Formaggio’s stand power allows him to shrink to tiny sizes, so he manages to escape. He hides in Narancia’s pocket, assuming the kid will take him back to the hideout. Sneaky!

SSSS.Gridman 9: Well, this is weird. After that last episode’s fight, it seems like Akane has reset the whole world, because Yuta wakes up with amnesia again (just like the first episode), except this time he meets Akane rather than Rikka, and Akane says they’re dating. Most of the rest of the episode is Akane hanging out with Utsumi and Rikka and having good times with them, seemingly as if she reset the world to make everything happy for her (though Alexis shows up, surprising Rikka, and Akane says he’s just a cosplayer). But about halfway through, we see what’s happening–the protagonists are asleep, as the kaiju Akane created in this episode has mental powers to put them all in a dream world. But Yuta breaks free, summons Gridman in the dream, and starts fighting. Meanwhile, in the “real virtual world,” since Gridman is in Yuta’s dream, the other helper dudes (Samurai Calibur, Borr, and the other ones) have to take out the kaiju on their own. They combine to form a robot of their own, Powered Zenon, which easily destroys it, waking Yuta and his friends up! An interesting episode, and it does seem like Akane created the world they live in, but aside from that, no real answers…



Nothin this week, just chillin~


Nothin much this week aside from a little Total War: Warhammer 2 here and there.


Nothing again :sigh: Well, hopefully I’ll be able to get back in the groove now that I’m relaxing again.


Same, didn’t even manage to finish my PP fic. But again, next week is lookin to be better 😀 Here’s hoping…see y’all then!


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