Living the Busy Life, Episode 4 (November 24, 2018): Thanksgiving 2k18!

Not a bad thanksgiving week, not too bad at all. The lowdown…


Tiramisu ep. 8: Ah, this was a nice episode–3 plotlines in rapid succession. First, Subaru discovers he likes drawing manga more than piloting, but can’t get published, then he has a “close range battle” with guns outside of his mech, but when his spacesuit gets damaged he has to rush off and buy a new one at a clothing store…manned by a really dumb robot salesman who wastes a lot of time, and by the time he gets back the battle is already over XD It’s silly, but it’s why I love this series ๐Ÿ˜€

Jojo ep. 8: Neat, we see Mista’s backstory here. So he was a laid back young delinquent-with-a-good heart type until he encountered some thugs trying to rape an unfortunate girl–he naturally tries to stop them, but when they try to shoot him all their bullets miss! His stand power, or maybe just his luck, manifested I suppose. So then we go back to where the last episode left off, on the dude’s truck. The enemy wasn’t driving it, he was on top of it, so Mista shoots that way (lucky for the truck driver), but the guy’s Stand blocks the shots somehow! He can make anything attach to anything else, so the enemy Stand keeps Mista glued to the truck and the driver glued to the gas pedal (and deflected Mista’s shots earlier by making them “stick” to the air). But now Mista’s on to him, so he uses his own little helper Stand to keep the bullets zipping around so fast and erratically and manages to hit him!

Alas, the enemy’s still quick with his affixing ability, and prevents the bullets from hitting anything vital. Mista and the scared-as-hell truck driver try to get away by driving up a hill, but the bad guy uses his powers to fix a bunch of stones in the air and scale the whole thing! That was a pretty cool effect, IMO. It seems this guy has another power–if he taps things affixed to the air, they build up force and release when he un-attaches them from the area around them. So he uses this method to launch some of Mista’s wasted bullets back at him! Mista’s hit, and he’s in a hell of a tight spot, but while the baddie’s gloating–always a bad idea–Mista uses his last bullet and his stand friends to shoot at the guy’s mouth, anticipating he wouldn’t be able to attach the projectile to anything harmless in his own body. That proves to be wrong, and the dude halts the bullet just in time to keep it from going through the back of his head. It looks like it’s all over to Mista, but then he reveals his real plan–it was all a distraction to get his Stand friends to the bullet the enemy was planning to use, and they kick it right at him! The enemy stand tries to deflect it as well, but Mista’s little guys made it crack in two and send one of the fragments into the enemy’s head before he can block it, killing him for good. What an awesome fight! Now that’s why I watch Jojo ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

SSSS.Gridman 8: Oooh, interpersonal drama. So Akane just comes right out and admits to Rikka and Utsumi that she really is the one making all the kaiju, and that she’ll attack the school festival if they don’t stop her. But Rikka doesn’t want to fight her because Akane is her childhood friend, so the team doesn’t know what to do ;_; Things get REALLY interesting when she gets on a bus with Akane. Akane says she created Rikka specifically to be her friend, just like the kaiju. Maybe this really is a simulation! Meanwhile, Anti is just wandering around with one eye, and Rikka’s mom feeds him despite his total lack of manners.

Well, the festival rolls around, and Akane attacks, as she promised. Gridman and his buddies deploy in shorter, more compact forms, ostensibly so as to not overload the crappy computer they’re attached to, and finally all of them combine into an ultimate powered form that easily defeats Akane’s kaiju with a flashy golden attack. Hooray ๐Ÿ˜€






Nothin this week, just chillin~


Moar phoenix point!

This update to the third demo makes it sooooo much better. They patched the bugs and glitches so the game no longer freezes up on Overwatch. I made a lot of mistakes here, though…got bored of trying to find the last alien on that haven defense mission, and at the end I totally screwed up the base assault! Got a wrong weapons loadout, not enough ammo, oh man XD But there are some more small bugs, like lack of some animations, hanging when you kill an egg with a shotgun, etc. But yeah, definite improvement, they can fix those easily ๐Ÿ˜€


Nothing…:sob: Like last week.


Got a bit of writing done on my PP fic. I think I might just be able to put the finishing touches on it and submit this week ๐Ÿ˜€

So aside from all that, how was thanksgiving? Eh…OK. My “thing” kept me busy, so my parents went traveling without me and I stayed at home. No biggie though, I got some yummy food myself. I think the most important theme of the season is pretty aptly captured in this tweet of mine, if I do say so myself:

Obviously, what applies to my Twitter peeps applies to you guys as well ;D So Ill see y’all next week!

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