Living the Busy Life, Episode 3 (November 17, 2018): It’s cold D:

Hoof! Damn, it’s cold. Snow’s hitting earlier than it did last year, conditions were pretty bad a few days ago. Wonder how thanksgiving is gonna turn out. Anyways…


Tiramisu ep. 7: Another great episode! Subaru faces off against his evil clone, and they project astral images of themselves with their Universe Sense, a parody of similar scenes in Zeta and Double Zeta Gundam…but since the images are naked, Subaru gets embarrassed about his nipples, allowing his clone to get the upper hand, at least until some random fast food worker projects his astral image as well, and both Subaru and the clone watch him cook. XD XD XD

Jojo ep. 7: OK, this starts off kinda weird, with Fugo pretty, huh, homoerotically tending to Narancia’s wounds after the fight with that weird deflating Stand user, but then things get right to business as they start beating him up for picking a fight with them XD

So they head to the island and Capri, and man, things get a little unnerving…these guys are *ruthless.* They pry open one of the enemy stand user’s eyes with a *fishing hook*, and then put glasses on him and force him to stare at the sun so concentrated sunlight starts burning a hole into his eye. Oooof…ruthless mafioso! But it’s all pointless, as Abbachio uses his Stand power to find out that their enemy had contacted someone to get to Capri ahead of them. That would be a problem, but Giorno turns a life preserver into a big fish and has that take him and Guido over to the island so they can take out whoever’s waiting for them! Now we’ll see what Guido’s powers are like…

They’re pretty weird. He has six little gremlin things with their own personalities, and he has to feed them. Unfortunately, they end up being found out by the guy they’re trying to ambush, and he attempts to get away, but Guido’s ability lets him take incredible trick shots! Even if one of his bullets goes way wide, his little gremlins can grab it in midair and change its trajectory, allowing him to hit almost anything, even if it’s on the other side of a wall or whatever! So he nails the guy in the leg, but it seems like he got away to a truck and starts driving away, forcing Mista to grab on and fire at whoevers in the driver’s seat. But maybe it was a trick…we’ll see next week!

SSSS.Gridman 7: Oooh, things are getting interesting. So now Akane and Yuta know each others’ true identities, and she asks him to join her. In order to convince him, she takes him out to eat, and they’re joined by…wow. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it, but Alexis, the evil mastermind dude sitting in Akane’s computer helping her make kaiju, just wanders into the restaurant and takes a seat! The restauranteur doesn’t even notice! But he and everyone else sure do notice another alien that appears, a weird mechanical thing–Akane’s surprised to see it to, as if she didn’t create it, and Alexis disappears. Naturally, Yuta turns into Gridman, and it turns out this kaiju was created by Anti, who wants to beat Gridman even more than Akane does. Gridman gets a new upgrade, combining with a jet to become “Sky Vitter,” and he soars into the clouds to see the machines being controlled by a flying alien, along with Anti. He engages in aerial combat, which was pretty cool–kinda macross-seque–but then as he gets even higher, above the clouds there’s this huge weird city! He manages to defeat Anti and the kaiju, but as he returns, it’s clear something weird is up–Akane being the source of the kaiju, the strange city in the clouds, everything. I hear folks say the whole world of Gridman is like a simulation or something, and Alexis tells Akane (after Anti’s defeat) that only “true humans” can create kaiju, so maybe there’s something to that. Also, wow…to punish Anti for losing, Alexis pops up and slashes his face horribly! Oof, more violent than I’d expect from a show like this.



Yaaaay! ‘nother episode of Dragonar out!!!


Here’s a playthrough of the 3rd PP demo:

It’s pretty buggy, though…may wait for updates to fix some of the more severe bugs ;o




Same, nothing. Couldn’t even get my PP fic out. I’ll have to really try next week…

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