Living the Busy Life, Episode 2 (November 10, 2018): Things aren’t terrible…

Hooof! Second week of my epic busyness. It’s not so bad…I miss my free time, and would honestly prefer it, but I haven’t been overwhelmed…yet. We’ll see if things keep at a manageable pace through next week, if not I may just retreat and return to my previous business. Anyways…


Tiramisu S2 ep. 6: Loved it! Isuzu’s sitting by his brother’s bedside, heavily wounded–though not dead–even after taking a bullet through the head, trying to be morose and dramatic, but some famous baseball player keeps coming in and interrupting his musings! Then we see Subaru’s evil clone in his new mech…which has a huge, huge cockpit, so large he can wedge himself inside a seat and kind of make a bed! Then he throws a boot down the yawning chasm in front of the seat, where he hits a construction worker! The guy pulls him out and yells at him…at which point the badass Subaru clone starts crying, and the construction worker has to cheer him up. XD Oh man, this continues to be great.


Golden Wind ep. 6: Cool, we get some backstory on Abbachio. He was apparently a policeman with a strong sense of justice, but the corruption of the city he was supposed to protect entirely disillusioned him and he abandoned the lawman’s life, but then met Bucciarati! After that, it’s back to the fight on the boat. Abbachio’s stand is some weird combination of stand ghost and VCR player, able to play back previous events like they were videos! It turns out that whatever hit Narancia turned him into a deflated balloon thing–that’s how he was sucked down the drain! At first they think the enemy’s doing the same and living in the pipes, but they can’t find him and Abbachio gets hit by the stand’s rapier and turned into a deflated balloon too! When Bucciarati’s all alone, the enemy starts talking to him…and then Bucciarati figured it out, and holy shit is the explanation weird. So the gangster apparently turned a different yacht into a deflated cutout and covered the boat Bucciarati bought as an illusion, and was staying in the space between the two boats, not the pipes! That’s…yeah, I don’t get it. So Bucciarati flushes him out by threatening to sink both boats, forcing his stand to retreat and loose the deflated boat from Bucciarati’s one. Now that he’s out in the open, Bucciarati easily defeats him 😛


Gridman ep. 6: Oooh, now things are getting interesting. Akane’s figured out that Yuta is Gridman and sends out her little servant kid to off him before he can transform. But a lot of things get in the way. Yuta encounters a different kaiju, who…acts nice to him, Utsumi (yuta’s friend) hangs out with Akane (the main villain) and sparks up a flame with her, and Rikka runs into Akane’s main servant kid and acts nice to him, which makes him forget about killing Yuta/Gridman for a little bit. It’s a very interesting contrast–in both cases, people on opposite sides of the protagonist/antagonist divide showing compassion for each other.

After that, things get *really* get interesting. Akane tries and fails to get Utsumi to reveal the truth about Yuta, but Yuta’s new kaiju friend reveals the truth about Akane–that the whole city is a product of her imagination, making her effectively a twisted God, and that she manipulates it through the kaiju she creates (and Yuta’s buddy isn’t one of those, having been there before). Finally, at the end of the episode, Akane’s servant (Anti) manages to get the drop on Yuta, but he’s defended by the other Gridman guys. Gridman doesn’t show up in this episode and there’s no mecha vs. kaiju action, but no biggie, it was still pretty cool 😀




Gonna see if I can get another ep of Dragonar out over the weekend 😀


Not much this week, BUT CHECK THIS OUT!

Phoenix Point backer build 3 coming out on Monday! Gonna get as much time to play it as I possibly can next week 😀 😀 😀

Also, Total War: Warhammer II’s newest DLC, Curse of the Vampire Coast, came out recently. Gotta play that when I get the chance, but not much of a chance…;_; So bu


As usual, not much :sob:


As above, though I’ll really try to get my story for the Phoenix Point writing competition out on Sunday!!! So yeah, pretty good week all things considered. Here’s hoping the next is great too!

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