Living the Busy Life, Episode 1 (November 3, 2018): Staying sane…

Hoooly moly. I’ve been busy as heck…this new responsibility of mine is…quite time consuming, definitely. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem to be impossible. But yeah, I’m left with essentially no free time, like at all. Well, here’s what I have managed to have been doing…



Gridman ep. 4: This was pretty fun. Rikka (one of the good guys) and Akane (the series antagonist, though they don’t realize it yet) get invited on a group date. The guys end up irritating Akane, so she sics her kaiju on them, a new beast with electrical whip things. Gridman shows up, and then the other kaiju from the last episode, his rival, arrives! It looks like it’ll be 2 on 1, but the kaiju start fighting over who has the right to beat Gridman! All of Gridman’s buddies try to join him, but they have to enter the battlefield through Rikka’s computer, which is old and crappy, so in the end, only the cannon truck can deploy. But it’s just enough to allow Gridman to destroy the electric kaiju and send the other one packing. Again, fun episode, I liked the action, and I suppose the characters and cinematography are interesting, but nothing mindblowing.


Gridman Ep. 5: Haha, swimsuit ep! Yuta’s class goes on a rafting trip, so lots of cheesecakey shots of Akane and Rikka in swimsuits~ Not much to say about that other than, as you expect, a new kaiju shows up. It’s a huge mountainous creature, so Gridman has to take on heavier weaponry. This time he and Yuta fuse with Borr, a blonde-haired kid that looks like a girl but is apparently a boy according to his VA. Borr turns into a big truck with drills, which combines with Gridman to turn the drills into cannons powerful enough to destroy both the big kaiju and drive off the “rival” who shows up yet again. Decent episode overall, though not much is happening…earlier, Yuta fell asleep and had a dream about a figure getting pierced by a spear, which might have to do with his amnesia, but aside from that it’s just monster of the week, which is getting a little eh :p


Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu ep. 5: LOL, another great ep. So Subaru’s ship rescues a bunch of civilians, and one of them, this annoying kid, gets into his machine and screws around with it by pressing all the buttons and switches. Meanwhile, Isuzu and one of his underlings have snuck onboard the Tiramisu disguised as civilians, planning to destroy Subaru’s mech with bombs…but their plan is foiled by the cheap, shoddy quality of their bombs (parodying an ep of Gundam where Zeon guys try to destroy the titular mech through subterfuge). Great stuff XD Things get kinda intense at the end, though…Subaru’s teammates catch Isuzu and one guy shoots at him with a handgun, but Subaru takes the bullet for his brother! Wonder how that will turn out…


Vento Aureo ep. 5: This is interesting. So it seems like the boss of Passione keeps his identity extremely well hidden, and the only way for Girono and Buccaratti to even get an idea of who he might be is to becoming very well known. Meanwhile, Polpo’s apparent “suicide” has caused a stir amongst the rest of Passione, cause Polpo supposedly hid away a huge fortune! A couple of other Passione guys think Bucciarati knows where it is.

Fortunately for B, he and Giorno meet the rest of their friends! There’s Mista, a guy in a winter cap who hates the number 4, Narancia, a feminine looking man who was never formally schooled but has a decent bit of natural talent, being tutored by Fugo, a blond guy in a suit who beats him up whenever he messes up, led by the silver-haired Abbachio. Now, it seems like these guys want to haze new members–Abbachio pisses into a tea cup and tells Giorno to drink it, not expecting he will. But Giorno uses his powers to whisk the piss safely away, making it seem like he drank the “tea” with no problems. That certainly impresses the band, who realize he’s a Stand user like them!

So afterwards, Bucciarati takes them on a cruise to Capri, where Polpo’s fortune is hid, but then Narancia gets dragged into a faucet into the boat’s sink. Then Mista and Fugo disappear! Giorno uses his stand to turn one of Narancia’s shoes into a fly, where it buzzes around the cabin, proving that Narancia and the assumed enemy are still alive and hanging around there, but Abbachio doesn’t trust him. So he bravely charges forth without having any idea as to the nature of the enemy stand to prove himself, and ends up getting stabbed by a rapier held by a tentacle that slithers out of the darkness–the enemy stand! Abbachio is suitably impressed, but can he rescue Giorno? Guess we’ll see next week ;D




Sky finished the last ep of Dragonar! Now to bug Starseeker about it…on the weekends, cause I am BUSY during the week ;_;


Essentially nothing. ;_;


Nothin at all, too busy 😦


Same as above 😦

Well, here’s hoping next week ain’t so bad…

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