Living the Good Life, Episode 105 (October 27, 2018): Vacations come to a close…

Good days, but they may be ending soon–though not being replaced by bad ones, hopefully. First, the fun stuff:


Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu ep. 4: Oh man, this just gets better and better. So Isuzu, the blonde-haired brother/rival of the MC is obviously inspired by Char from Gundam, and like Char, he also has a dark-skinned “artificial universe sense” (cybernewtype) girl with a crush on him like Lalah. So at first he acts all cool but when she finds out he has a crappy kid’s wallet and when he leaves her with the bill at a bar she just loses it. I can’t get enough of this.


Gridman Ep. 3: I liked this episode, due to the fight choreography! So in school. Yuta is talking with his friends about how the Kaiju might be human (like he transforms into Gridman), and that does seem to be the case, as Akane’s little white-haired friend turns into the monster we see in the previous episode–though Rikka tries to be nice to him when she encounters him in his human form. So when Yuta tries to fight him, he is defeated because he can’t go all-out against a human being. Everyone thinks Yuta is dead, but then a bunch of other new characters show up–like Calibur, they’re also helpers in the fight against the kaiju. It turns out Yuta/Gridman was just hiding from the enemy, so he joins up with a new helper, who turns into a giant truck which then combines with Gridman as a new set of powerful punching arms! Together, they manage to beat the Kaiju and the day is saved 😀 Pretty cool, pretty cool, I liked the way the new powered-up Gridman tossed the kaiju around with his big arms.


Vento Aureo ep. 4: Neat ep! So the enemy stand Giorno is fighting can only operate in the shadows, and he wants to try to bring it into the sun. Koichi comes and helps him and tells him about the arrow the Stand is using to kill people, and how it creates more Stands–that’s Polpo’s test in reality. He and Koichi manage to get it by luring it under a tree and using Giorno’s power of life to destroy the tree–just as he can turn inanimate objects into living things, it seems like he can rip the life force from living things. Without the tree providing shade, Polpo’s stand withers away under the sunlight!!

However, the stand was just driven away, not destroyed. Giorno returns to Polpo the next day and shows him the lit lighter, joining Passione…but gets Polpo in a really sneaky way. He turns one of Polpo’s guns into a banana, which Polpo inadvertently triggers as he’s eating it, blowing his brains out! So yeah, a very cool ep. I love the shadow fighting and Giorno’s creativity!



Sky got the next ep to me, so I gave her the next after that…which is also the last. 😀


Finished up the last of the XCOM 2 legacy missions. Alright, I gotta hand it to the devs, the humor of the missions, like naming one character “Hamburglar” and finding Bradford’s sweater as a secret artifact, won me over. XD XD


Nothin much this week, been busy with XCOM 2 XD


Same as above. I’m trying to get a lot of relaxation in while I still can. I gotta be honest with you guys, something’s come up. It’s not my secret project, that’s still plodding along. However, I might need to take care of something for a few months, and it’s not a matter I can talk about much here–and if I am given the responsibility, it’ll keep me busy for most of the week. So for the next 4 to 6 months, ‘Living the Good Life” entries will stop, replaced with “Relaxing while busy!” I’ll probably have enough time to keep watching my weekly anime, since those are just a half hour a day, 3 days a week, and I’ll also try to keep up with timing Dragonar, since I owe it to my friends. However, I won’t be playing too many videogames (just keeping tabs on how the ones I’ve kickstarted have been going), and I’ll probably be eating out a little less. I *might* have time to work on my secret writing project a little bit, but this super secret project takes priority. So giving you fair warning, friends. I ain’t disappearing, but I may be a little scarcer than I’d like in the coming days.


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