Living the Good Life, Episode 104 (October 20, 2018): Delightful week!

Very nice week! As usual, here’s what I’ve been up to:


SSSS Gridman episode 1: Some friends of mine recommended this to me so I decided to check it out. So a highschool kid wakes up one day with amnesia and it turns out he’s been possessed by a cybernetic policeman living in a computer that has to merge with him in order to come out into the real world to fight against giant monsters that are suddenly popping up. Eh…OK I guess. I couldn’t get into it that much, it’s OK but I didn’t see how it’s that different from other mecha shows (amnesia isn’t an uncommon plot hook, for instance), though the animation is very nice. The next episode…

SSSS Gridman episode 2:

Hmm, interesting. I see how some folks are getting into this series now. So after the fight the cybernetic policeman (Gridman) had with the evil monster, the world (our protag’s town) has been reset, the school is repaired and nobody remembers what happened. But the people who were killed by the monster (a couple of the protag, Yuta, and his comrade’s friends) have disappeared, as if they never existed! There also seems to be something creepy going on with another one of the protag’s friends, this cute, well-endowed girl in his class (Akane). She’s talking with what apparently seems to be the villain behind all the monsters in this series. She makes models of the monsters and the villain turns them into creatures in the real world to kill people she doesn’t like! Oof…

So after that, a new guy appears at the shop our hero and his friends have set up as their headquarters–he’s “samurai calibur,” one of Gridman’s friends. They investigate their missing friends, and it turns out in this new reality, all the people who died in the previous episode now died several years prior. Then, after that, one of the monsters Akane created shows up as a big kaiju, and naturally, Gridman and his new ally, Samurai Calibur, have to fight it. Gridman struggles at first, but then Samurai Calibur merges into the computer like Gridman does, and becomes a big sword he uses to chop up the monster! Neat. So yeah, with the second episode I’m liking this more, because there’s a bit of a mystery involved in the setting as a whole besides the standard “protagonist has amnesia.”

Tiramisu S2 ep. 3:

LMAO, holy shit, this is great! So Isuzu takes their dad hostage so he can take the Neo Durandal, but it turns out he can’t pilot it because only Subaru has the “Universe Sense” (a parody of Newtype abilities from Gundam). Then a delivery guy pops up during the dramatic scene and they just hang around while he gives some deliveries to Isuzu and Subaru’s dad, and then when he accidentally touches the Neo Durandal, it turns out HE has “universe sense” too! Then, afterwards, while he’s making some instant ramen he gets hit by some of the hot water and increases his universe sense power, in a trippy scene that again parodies Gundam, but with ramen noodles instead of weird light shows. Oh man, I love this show!

Jojo Ep. 3:

Neat episode. So Giorno goes to prison to meet his recruiter for the gang, Polpo, a big fat monster thing with weird eyes that tells him he must keep a lighter lit for 24 hours. He…doesn’t succeed, and a guy spills water on it and makes it go out! But it turns out he can just re-light the lighter, so what was the point of the test? Well, a mysterious Stand appears and kills the guy with one of the arrows from part 4!!! And now it’s turning on Giorno! I guess that’s the true nature of the test…



Not much this week, Skysky will get back to me the next 😀


The new XCOM tactical legacy pack missions. Eh…maybe I’m just getting old, but I could only finish 2 out of 4 of the operations. They were OK–challenge missions where your stats and soldiers are fixed rather than powered up as they’d be in-game–but I’ve played the game so many times and beaten all the enemies over and over again that there was nothing to really appeal to me 😦 Ah, well…


Mainly phoenix point stories! 😀 A new one came out:

Again, just a bit of background news article on the first arrival of the mist. But I’ve also been reading all the other stories, to prepare for…


Phoenix Point has a writing competition up! 😀 😀

I’ve been trying to finish off my entry for that, along with working on my secret project.


In another news, I got mahself a new cah recently! A green 2010 Toyota Camry with only 36,000 miles on it I found from a guy on Craigslist, not too shabby if I say so myself. Under 10,000 dollars too, pretty nice, pretty nice. My dad and I got the insurance and registration stuff sorted out earlier this week, and we got its plates just yesterday. W0000t! Instead of driving my dad’s car all the time, I’ll have my own vehicle. Much more convenient for me, I’ve waited years for this, and now that I’ve got my Ph.D, I’m finally on a good footing to maintain my own vehicle. Feels good man 😀 Here’s hoping next week is as fruitful…


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