Living the Good Life, Episode 103 (October 13, 2018): Maximum Productivity October 2k18!

VERY nice week, folks! Lotta stuff done, lotta fun had. The lowdown:


Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu! I forgot about this series, but a bro on /m/ reminded me that the second season was coming out, so I managed to DL the first two episodes 😀

Tiramisu S2 ep. 1:

Haha, this is pretty amusing. It picks up RIGHT where the last season took off, with Subaru crashed on Earth. His brother’s mecha, which was undamaged, tries to pick him up, but he’s got cockpit addiction so he wanders around Earth trying to sit down anywhere that even resembles his cockpit! This wastes so much time that the government incarcerates both him and his brother at their headquarters, which…happens to have a Tiramisu-themed gift shop! Naturally, Subaru is devastated to see that the action-figure version of him doesn’t resemble him at all.And at the very end of the episode, the government brings their father to see them!

Tiramisu S2 ep. 2:

Oh man, this is great! So Subaru’s dad takes him and his brother to the new mecha he’s developed, but keeps getting these emails from shady porn sites, until Isuzu (Subaru’s brother) tells him to turn on his spam filter. So then Isuzu’s friends arrive, and Subaru has to sortie in the new Durandal, but he spills some miso soup and can’t take off, because he has no wet wipes to clean the cockpit with! This gives Isuzu enough time to pull out his gun and take their dad hostage–why the Earth troops didn’t check Isuzu for weapons, I don’t know. Such is life in the world of Tiramisu XD

Jojo Part 5, episode 2:

So this starts off with some background on Giogio’s history–as you can expect, DIO left his mom right after he was born, so she married an Italian guy who abused him. However, a gangster showed him kindness when a young Gio saved his life, and Giorno learned his sense of morality and chivalry from that gangster, because his stepfather stopped beating him when the gangster gave a warning. Even though this gangster guy lived a life of crime, Giorno saw how he tried to keep drugs away from kids, at least, and sought to emulate him by becoming a “gang-star”–rising up in the criminal underworld of Naples so he would have the power to make the city better rather than worse.

So then the story cuts back to his fight with Bucciarati. Man, this was confusing…so it seems like Giorno’s stand can turn inanimate objects into living things, but when it hits a living being, it turns that person’s senses to an overcharged state so they can’t really see anything. So that messes up Bucciarati’s fighting style and he has to retreat, so Giorno chases him down. They have their final showdown, and big B seems like he has the upper hand by using his zipper powers to mix and match his own body with those of the people around him, but a moment’s hesitation lets Giorno achieve victory. It turns out that Bucciarati saw a young kid who’d been using drugs sold by the big mob boss in the area, and that disturbed him and made him hesitate, which is why Giorno knocks him out instead of killing him–according to Giorno, it’s proof Bucciarati’s a “good person.” So he then offers to join B’s gang…what better way to reform it than to replace its leadership?

So yeah, cool cool. The OP is pretty great, as you can expect from a collab between the Neon Genesis Evangelion person along with CODA, from Part 2’s OP. The stand powers and fights are pretty confusing, but I like ’em anyways. Good times 😀



Still waitin on Skysky ;D


Not much this week, just a lil Stellaris here and there. But they recently released some new mission packs for XCOM 2, maybe I’ll play that next week cause they’re giving it out for free!


Outer Dark by my favorite Scotsman, Robbie MacNiven. This was really really good! A perfect mix of action along with a lot of tantalizing glimpses at the mysterious history and true nature of the Charcharodons. However, the book’s blurb is a little misleading. It says the story centers around Genestealers on Piety V, but the plot only arrives at the planet like halfway through the novel. The first half actually involves the Carcharodons negotiating with another chapter, the Ashen Claws, and an Inquisitor investigating evidence of the Carcharodons on another planet, and *then* the two plotlines converge on the Genestealers on Piety V.

With that consideration in mind, this might be the best MacNiven work I’ve read yet. Tons of great action all throughout the book, ranging from one-on-one duels to the climactic final battle with the genestealers, mixed in with a ton of worldbuilding. I’d say the portions of the novel involving the Inquisitorial investigation of the Carcharodons are masterful, really gives you the impression you’re reading a fine mystery novel as they try to tease through the scraps of centuries-old evidence leading them to the wanderers of the Outer Dark. Now, you’ll notice I haven’t given many specifics, but that’s cause I don’t wanna spoil anything. This really is a straight-up sequel to the first Carcharodons novel, Red Tithe, and you’ll find out what happened to characters like Skell and Rannik here! But there are definitely some big revelations (especially one that seems like intriguing fodder for future stories) so I don’t wanna give them away. There’s even a little cameo from a character from Death Warrant! But yeah, since all of these plotlines are so significant, I gotta keep mum about them in this review. You should definitely give this story a look! 5 stars, easily.


I also checked out the Berserk official guidebook:

This is more or less what it says on the tin–a guide to the characters, concepts, and events of the Berserk manga, along with some other fun stuff like “what Apostle would you be” games and interviews with Miura. The interviews with Miura are the best part, you can get a decent bit of insight into his inspirations (Fist of the North Star) and creative process. Aside from that, you get overviews with quotes from the important characters like Guts, Griffith, Casca, etc. along with “stat sheets” for them (their strength, intelligence, agility, etc.) It’s pretty cool, but the font size can get small and hard to read at some points in the book. Also, there are questionable translation choices, like “Knight of Skeleton” instead of “Skull Knight.” WTF? So if those really grind your gears, give this a 4, but I liked the very first piece of physical Berserk media I bought, so I’ll give this a 5 😀

Finally, checked out a new Phoenix Point short story that popped up on the website:

Not much, just a vignette from the early days of the Pandora virus outbreak, but still pretty cool.


Lotta stuff done! Some good progress on my secret project, though now I’ve run into organizational issues again…should I combine a couple of parts together, or not? I’ll have to think about that. Hopefully I’ll have an answer next week. But the week after that, though…I dunno. Depending on how my still-ongoing jerb hunt goes, I may have to make some changes, maybe even take a hiatus from the blog for a bit if I’m super busy. I’ll tell you guys. But that shouldn’t be for a while, as I’m still job huntin. See ya next week!


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