Living the Good Life, Episode 102 (October 6, 2018): Really getting colder 2k18 :(

Damnation! It’s really getting cold now. Guess fall has come for real. Good thing my workspace is pretty warm and comfy, its hot as hell in the summer but just cozy enough when it gets cold! Looks like it was worth springing for that desk 😀 So, here’s the lowdown:


w000000t! Jojo part 5 episode 1!!!!

I’ve not ready the manga for this part, so I’m going into Vento Aureo (Golden Wind) blind, so to speak. The first episode was damn cool–art and animation is great Jojo quality, and the character designs are as Jojo as you can expect. The story takes place in Italy, with the protagonist being the blonde-haired Giorno Giovanna (GioGio 😀 ) Like Joseph Joestar, he’s kind of a petty trickster/thief, but he fights for justice, giving some of his ill-gotten gains to the poor and opposing drug use and all that. That latter part is important…the story takes place in the city of Naples, and if the first episode is any indication it’s full of poverty, corruption, and massive amounts of illegal drug use! Not sure if I’d be flattered if I were Italian, but maybe the city did have a large crime/drug problem in the 90s, when Vento Aureo takes place.

Anyways, our main man from part 4, Koichi, arrives in Naples looking for a half-Japanese guy named Haruno Shiobana, and Giogio uses his Stand powers to steal Koichi’s luggage! Apparently, Giorno can turn inanimate objects into living creatures, and turns the luggage into a froggy. But then he runs into an evil mafia gangster, Leaky-eyed Luca, who asks him for protection money, but all he has in his wallet is…a photo of Dio?! Hmm, well, judging by his blonde hair, he’s Dio’s descendant, but since Dio was using Jonathan’s body, that still makes him a Jojo. But anyways, the frog (Koichi’s luggage) shows up and Luca gets pissed at it and slams it with his weapon (a shovel). But apparently, the other stand power is that any attack against one of Giorno’s animals gets reflected back against the attacker, so Luca knocks himself out!! We see the same thing a little later–Koichi tracks down Giorno and tries to hit him with a gravity punch from his stand, but the attack hits a tree Giorno summoned and is reflected back on Koichi, allowing Giogio to escape.

We see Gio’s stand summoning the tree and it’s pretty cool, a golden android thing. It’s called “Golden Wind,” but the Japanese obviously reads “Gold Experience.” I think it’s because Gold Experience was the name of a song or something. Ah, well.

In any case, the episode ends with another stand user, a member of the same gang as Luca’s, investigating what happened to Luca. Bruno Bucciarati hunts down Giogio on a train, and when Giorno denies knowing him, licks his face and offers one of the meme lines from the manga: “This taste…it’s of a liar!” Haha. They start fighting, and Bruno’s stand power is pretty cool–he can make zippers appear on other people’s bodies that function as portals, allowing him to put in and take out objects. Neat! Guess we’ll see who wins next episode…



Skysky continues to make progress. We are almost done with the basic Japanese translation, after that its just checking things over with Starseeker!


Little bit of Stellaris here and there, but the main thing I played was…FIST OF THE NORTH STAR: LAST PARADISE! It’s called Hokuto no Gotoku in Japanese, and it’s a spinoff of the Yakuza series, with Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star instead of Yakuza dudes. Check out my playthru of a boss!

In terms of gameplay, it’s sort of similar to the Dynasty Warriors (musou) HnK games. You play as Kenshiro and punch the crap out of thugs and making them explode from the inside out by mashing the Square button (it’s a PS4 exclusive) a lot. Now, the combat here is a little more complex, as there’s a bit of timing involved in pressing the special attack button at exactly the right moment to set off a nice explosion, but in general, if you’ve played the Hokuto Musou games this will feel VERY familiar. Same applies to the graphics–they’re not bad, and I suppose it’s fitting for a post-apocalyptic wasteland, but none of the textures or environments really stand out much.

The plot is…OK. It starts off as apparently a sidestory taking place after Kenshiro beats Shin, but it soon turns out it’s a retelling of the HnK story, as Rihaku, Rei, etc. show up. That’s alright–I’ve already read the basic story of HnK and played through it many times before (as in the aforementioned Hokuto Musou), but even though the characters are mostly the same, a new scenario makes it a little more interesting.

So, what does this game have? A TON of stuff to do! See, rather than just play through battlefield after battlefield, in this game you can hang around and become a citizen of the post-apocalyptic city of Eden. This means that rather than just fighting, you can particpate in all kinds of activities, many of them funny and goofy, like being a bartender, helping people as a doctor…which is some kind of music/rhythm game (yeah, I know), and generally doing a bunch of sidequests! Those are really great, largely because they’re so funny, like some pacifists try to convince Kenshiro to talk things out with thugs rather than beat them up, with predictable results XD This is my favorite aspect of the game, because it captures the undercurrent of humor which always ran through Fist of the North Star–in the original manga, we had things like Bat’s shenanigans, the goofy thugs dying in ironic ways, etc. This game REALLY captures its spirit, which is why I’m enjoying it so much!

So yeah, overall, really great stuff! Not gonna lie, I bought this game just to show my support for HnK, but it’s a pretty good game on its own. Highly recommended!


Not a bad haul! The Booker T. Washington book could be found online easily enough, but the other two books were just under Amazon’s 25$ minimum for free shipping so I got a physical version of Washington’s work just to push it over the threshold. That’s something I’ll read whenever, but I’ll see if I can post reviews of the other books next week 😀


TON of work on my secret project! Wish I could say more, but I think I might be very close to polishing off the first rough draft of it. After that, there’s some other stuff to take care of, so I still won’t be able to say what it is, but in time you’ll know. ;D


See ya next week!


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