Living the Good Life, Episode 101 (September 29, 2018): Finished Ys 8!

Delightful week this time! Lotta fun, and I got some work done too. The lowdown…


Nothin this week.




Sent more stuff to Skysky~Almost dooone!


Beat Ys 8. Hot damn…what a fantastic game. Almost the Platonic Form of what a Ys game ought to be, you could say. From what I understand, as I mentioned in the last post, the PC port was initially very bad, with a terrible translation and hideous slowdown issues, but by the time I played all those problems seem to have been solved. The gameplay was smooth (aside from occasional graphical glitches) and the translation was pretty good.

The plot? It was honestly pretty nice. I’ll try to avoid spoilers, but a major theme of the game is building camaraderie amongst the castaways on the island and helping them come together to solve problems, and they did that very well, the general tone of the game was very inspiring. Though the characters weren’t exactly deep, they were fun and appealing enough that you cared about them and wanted to see them become a team. I honestly felt a little sad to leave them all behind at the end of the game.

My one critique is that the plot, in terms of the antagonists, was way too similar to Ys 7’s. Again, I’ll try not to spoil, but both games had the theme of a cycle of destruction and creation, where previous heroes had no choice but to face the destruction of their worlds, and Adol and Dana (the female protagonist of this game) only manage to break the cycle due to their own unbreakable determination. But at least it did lead to a high-quality, bittersweet ending here. I hope the next Ys game does something different, though. But in any case, all in all, given the gameplay, graphics, and characters, this is one of the best things I’ve played in quite a while. I give it a solid 9/10, only failing to be a 10/10 due to the retreaded plot and pretty good (not awesome) music.


Just a bit related to my secret project ;D


Got a wee bit of work done on my secret project, though I was busy with other things. Hopefully next week will be highly productive 😀

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