Living the Good Life, Episode 100 (September 22, 2018): Ys 8!

Well, things are warm again, so it seems, so that’s good. Pretty productive week for me! The lowdown:


Nothin’ much this week.



Starseeker will get some stuff done over da weekend, hopefully 😀


A lot of Ys 8 this week–got it a while ago, but finally started playing it in earnest recently. It’s pretty fun. The graphics are nice, and the gameplay is as smooth as Ys 7 was. It’s pretty much the same too–you have a team of up to two partners for Adol, your main character, and you can activate special moves by pressing a shoulder button, and dodge with the other shoulder button. So yeah, just like Ys 7 with better grafics. It’s a little easier than Ys 7, though–I’ve been playing on Hard, and all the bosses so far seem considerably easier than 7’s hard mode. Maybe Inferno and Nightmare are the real challenges.

But the port (it was originally a console game) is pretty bad…I’ve heard bad things about the translation, but it seems OK to me (the English voice acting and dialogue is fine, though some of the voices are poor). However, in some of the boss fights, the graphics just totally mess up and make them annoying to get through. Urgh…well, its not game breaking.

Plot? That’s OK…like other Ys games, this is suitable for all ages, no excessive blood or anything like that, though there is a little swearing and a couple of characters die, though not graphically. It starts off like all the other ys games–Adol’s on a ship, it wrecks, and he ends up stranded on a strange island. This time, however, he has to rescue all the other castaways! This definitely adds a bit of spice to the typical formula. The game has the sidequests most ARPGs do, but this time, when you rescue someone they come to join your village, which is pretty cool and adds to the feeling of progress (building a town rather than just hanging around one). I’m only halfway through the game this week, which should tell you how much there is to do–sidequests, rescuing villagers, and crafting items, going fishing, unlocking areas, etc. etc. etc. My only complaints so far is that there’s one plot point about a serial killer that comes outta nowhere, with very little foreshadowing. But, ah well. There also seems to be something going on with the titular Dana, a cute blue-haired girl who shows up in Adol’s dreams, but I haven’t gotten to her parts yet. :p


Phoenix Point briefing No. 6!!! 😀 😀 I can’t link to it directly, because the devs say it’s better for them if people sign up for the Discord or the newsletter–the game gets more exposure that way. So go to and sign up, or come to the discord (where you can hang out with me, in fact ;D ) at .

So anyways, this briefing was really good. I’ll try to avoid spoilers, but most of the stories were brand-new, aside from Semper Fi and Launch Codes, which we’ve seen before. We get a historical overview of the Phoenix Project and glimpses of its international nature (a phoenix project in medieval Baghdad, a Soviet general working with Americans, stuff like that), but there’s also a really cool story that explains–or rather, alludes to–Lovecraft’s place in the Phoenix Point backstory. I’ll try to avoid spoilers, but apparently Lovecraft existed in the Phoenix Point world, and the correlations between his stories (especially Mountains of Madness and Fungi from Yuggoth) is noticed by the actual characters in the game/lore fiction we’ve seen so far. None of the stories have given an explanation for it yet (and I don’t want to spoil anything, so I wouldn’t say even if it did), so I guess we’ll have to see in game what it’s all about.


W00t! Got quite a bit done! Check it out:


So yeah, definitely a very productive week! Here’s hoping the next is just as good.

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