Living the Good Life, Episode 97 (September 1, 2018): Getting stuff done, though not what I wanted…

I’ve been busy this week, so once again, not as productive as I wanted 😦 Been busy with a couple more job applications, and also, my family’s fridge messed up so I’ve been preoccupied with getting it fixed ;_; So no real writing or reading this week. But at least I was able to have a bit of fun, here’s the lowdown:


Nothing this week, again, since there’s not much out.





Sent Sky another ep of Dragonar, since Star is still busy. She’s in the last stretch, there are only a few more eps for her to look at, once she does things should go much faster 😀


Just beat Monster Hunter World earlier this week. Well, beat what is more or less the “final” boss of the game. These kinds of MMORPGs…or, at least, multi-player focused games, don’t really have a strict ending, because after you beat the toughest monster you can always keep grinding for more equipment and stuff. But after I beat that boss, the credits played, so it might as well have been the last boss 😛

So, other thoughts on it…the game is very well made. The music is great, a sweeping orchestral score, and the world is beautiful, the graphics are wonderful. However, there’s a lot of slowdown/FPS drops, even though my computer should be able to handle it even on the max settings. I suppose the port to PC wasn’t very well done ;_; In terms of gameplay? Honestly, it really reminds me of Vindictus. I guess Vindy was more inspired by Monster Hunter, since the first MH game came out ages ago, but there’s definitely the similarities–stylish action focused on killing monsters and using their body parts (particularly rare drops, which encourages grinding) to craft better equipment. But even the online draws are kinda reminiscent of Vindy–like, they have weekly quests to draw the player back for rewards, kind of like how Vindy had daily quests or missions to encourage folks to come back regularly.

After you beat the last boss, there’s…not that much to do, other than new “tempered” missions, which are just tougher versions of the monsters you’re fighting with higher stats but no new moves or AI or anything. ;_; I guess that’s one place where Vindy has an edge, since it has a real guild system (rather than just guild cards) that encourages people to get together and keep playing so they can be the richest guild. But even so, I’m still putting plenty of hours into the game…I guess I just want to get as many armor sets as I can, haha.


Nothin much this week.


Again, nothin doin. Busy, busy, busy ;_; As I always say, hopefully next week will be better, but I haven’t had much luck with that lately. Least nothing serious is happening though.

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