Living the Good Life, Episode 96 (August 25, 2018): Delays suck ;_;

Hoo, man…lotta good stuff this week, but some pretty trying times as well. The lowdown:


Nothing this week, busy with stuff.


First, I just found out that the Ming Cafe, the little chinese place with wonderful ambience near me, closed down! Nooooo ;_; Aside from that…


Nothin doin this week, been preoccupied with the other stuff ;-;


Well, first the good: Been playing a lot of Monster Hunter World recently! Now that I’ve unlocked some of the other areas I’ve really been having fun. The world is so beautiful, comparable to some of my favorite areas in the Dark Souls series. I do kinda wish there was some kind of overarching plot rather than just “hunt monsters,” though. MHW has sort of a story mode, the Assigned Quests, but it’s just your chirpy “handler” lady and some other characters telling you about how the really big monsters are part of the ecosystem and stuff like that. There’s some lore in the background, like an ancient civilization being destroyed by the tougher dragons you fight, that I wish got more attention, but oh well. Here are some vids:

In other news, Bloodstained, my main Kickstarter endeavor and whose forums I help moderate, got delayed AGAIN! And they canceled the Vita version of it too!

Oof…not good. The reaction hasn’t been as negative as I feared, but there’s a lot of “Another Mighty No. 9!” going around, and I understand the sentiment. I might have lost faith in the project too, but the only things keeping me from writing it off as a loss are A: IGA’s comparative honesty and transparence (he admitted the Vita version had been canceled rather than stringing everyone along as Inafune did with MN9), and B: The fact that 505 games, Bloodstained’s publisher, is keeping such a close eye on the project and ensuring IGA has help and guidance to improving it. So while I totally understand people being disappointed and angry, I’m not despairing just yet. I think this may be the last gauntlet us Bloodstained fans have to endure before the game releases–if they do a good job polishing it up, then the game will be good enough on release that Vita backers may be willing to buy it for other platforms and end up very pleased, with the rest of the gaming public being wowed by the quality! But again, I’m biased since I’m a mod for the forums…guess we’ll have to see how it goes.

In better news, phoenix point update! Guns guns guns~


Berserk chapter 357! Quite a wait, but a solid chapter, with some great art. The art is the main draw, there’s not too much of plot significance (Griffith kills the giant king easily), but there is an important reveal at the end–Griffith’s powers enable him to travel along the branches of the world tree (which looks really cool), allowing his entire army to go anywhere in the world in a very brief span of time. Maybe he’ll invade Skellig? D:

Also, new Phoenix Point story!!! 😀


Nothing this week, busy with keeping tabs on the Bloodstained forum ;o

Well, nothing to be done…I do have responsibilities as a moderator, so that kept me occupied. If there’s no more news (good or bad) concerning Bloodstained next week, it should be productive 😀


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