Living the Good Life, Episode 94 (August 11, 2018): Life keeps you busy!

Ooof…I didn’t get as much done this week as I’d hoped, but I was occupied with some other stuff. I had a dentist’s appointment which gave me a little scare when I remembered my insurance changed, but I made some calls and it turned out I’m all good 😀 So I went to the checkup and everything went well, my teeth are great, but getting everything set up took a bit of time. Hopefully next week will be better. Till then…


Nothin much on yet, though stuff like One-Punch Man season 2, a new Patlabor anime, etc,. might be coming later.




Star’s still pretty busy, so this is on hold for a bit ;-;


A ton of Total War: Warhammer 2, mainly. Beat the Dark Elf campaign! 😀

Also, Phoenix Point is REALLY moving forwards! Another update:

And there’s a ton of stuff shown off on the Trello too! Concept art, new aliens, UI updates, sneak peeks at classes and enemies being planned, lots of good stuff.

Also got Monster Hunter World recently, but haven’t had time to play that much. Will do so next week.

Finally, one more bit of good news: Simon Belmont has finally come to Smash! I don’t have a Switch and was never very interested in Super Smash Brothers, but people have waited ages for this and as a Castlevania fan, I’m glad to see it as well. Good times 😀



Not much this week, been occupied with the dentist stuff and some other matters.


See above.

So yeah, a *little* disappointing in terms of progress, but not too much so. I can forgive myself cause this week was busy. As always, hope for better next week!

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