Living the Good Life, Episode 89 (July 6, 2018): Chillin with Bloodstained and Phoenix Point~

Pretty nice week! I got a decent amount of stuff done while still managing to enjoy myself quite a bit. Here’s the lowdown…


Darling in the Franxx, ep. 23: What can I say about the second to last episode? So Hiro and his friends have used the Klaxosaur ship to get to Mars, where they pilot their mecha (the protagonist mechs have got cool new black space armor) and kill a bunch of VIRM creatures (with the special team guys sacrificing themselves for the cause) in order to get to the Apus (that super mech). Meanwhile, on Earth, Mitsuru mans up and swears he’ll help Kokoro take care of their baby. Hooray! Meanwhile, Hiro manages to access the cockpit of Apus, where 02’s mind is located, and convince her that he wants to be with her no matter what, even if it means sacrificing his humanity. And then something really weird happens: Apus transforms from a mech into…what looks like 02 in mecha cosplay. Seriously, I’m not kidding. Her skin and facial features are visible, it’s like she’s a really big girl in a mecha suit, like those mecha musume costumes. WTF…well, I guess that’s kind of what they did in Diebuster, which a lot of Darling in the Franxx’s staff worked on. But back on Earth, her “regular” body turns to stone. Who knows how that will turn out. So mecha 02 blows away the VIRM fleet and then enters a warp gate, where she has a klaxosaur bomb that she’s taking to the VIRM homeworld to end the fight once and for all. Hopefully that goes well, but I guess we’ll see in the final episode. ;o




still nothin, waitin on Sky and Star 😮


Phoenix Point and Bloodstained demos! Check em out:


The Last Hunt by Robbie MacNiven. Another Warhammer 40k story, this time featuring the White Scars Space Marines (pretty much Space Mongol Horde, with some Chinese cultural influences) defending one of their planets against the Tyranids (insectile swarm horrors like the Zerg, but they came out in the late 80s, well before Starcraft was released).

That’s almost all you need to know if you don’t have a background in 40k. Whether you do or not, you just need to know one more thing: THIS WAS AWESOME!!! Seriously, Robbie’s my friend and I generally leave him positive reviews, but it’s not just my bias making me say this, The Last Hunt is one heck of a ride. After the opening chapters setting everything up, it’s straight-up blistering bug-killing action the rest of the novel up to the end! It doesn’t get much better than that–Robbie’s portrayal of action scenes is top-notch, whether it’s hand-to-hand combat, space naval battles, or the awesome biking setpieces the White Scars are known for. Additionally, he even manages to add some nifty cultural background to the White Scars and their beliefs in between all the bug-stomping, and there are some likable characters as well. Space Marines, given their trans-humanity, aren’t usually a whole lot of fun aside from their fighting skills, but there are a couple of White Scars in this story who have a lot of great, funny banter while still keeping entirely with the theme of their brotherhood as power-armored space mongols.

The closest thing to a critique I can have without giving away too many spoilers is that if you’re familiar with Tyranid Genestealers, one plot point won’t come as a surprise early on. However, there are a couple of others that WERE massive surprises! Again, I don’t wanna spoil anything, but I do have to give this away so folks who might be interested will give this book a look: Even if you don’t like Space Marines or Tyranids, there’s a little bit of Eldar and Dark Eldar scheming here as well, and it helps the story reach its conclusion in a way I REALLY wasn’t expecting! I can’t say any more than that, of course, but just trust me, no matter who you are, no matter what 40k armies you like or even if you like 40k at all, you gotta check this book out! 5 stars, easily 😀


Not a huge amount of work done, but did get a little bit finished on my secret project 😀


Anyways, a couple of things: Like I mentioned on my PP video, I’ve got a ko-fi account!

If you like my writing, feel free to drop me a token of appreciation, though of course, it’s not necessary, my content remains free for folks to enjoy 😀 Second, I think I’ll start posting these entries on Saturday rather than Friday, since I’ve noticed it seems to make more sense to post at the very end of the week rather than beforehand. So I’ll start with that next time 😀 See ya then!

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