Living the Good Life, Episode 88 (June 29, 2018): Inconveniences, but better than the alternatives…

Urgh…the Bloodstained demo came out the other day, but I haven’t had much time to play it. Why? Well, I got into a bit of a fender bender yesterday! I was just driving down the road to a restaurant when a truck bumped into me. I was freaked out at first, but when I pulled over and checked the damage, it was just a little dent, and I was totally OK. The guy came out and was really apologetic–it was his fault, technically, since he rear-ended me, but it seemed like he was getting used to driving that truck and hadn’t quite gotten the hang of the brakes yet, so no big deal. These things happen, so I told him not to worry about it. We still had to exchange insurance information, license plates, etc. though, and I do have to make an insurance claim cause my car was a *little* damaged, but overall, it’s sooo much better than it could have otherwise been. Accidents suck, but if severe damage and even injury was avoided, I’d say one should be thankful to God or good fortune, whichever they prefer ;D Well, aside from that, here’s what I’ve been up to…


Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu, ep. 13: Last episode of the season, and it was pretty good! Our hero is feeling depressed, but his well-endowed colleague gives him a pep talk, and he’s cheered up after ogling her cleavage XD But she also gives him a new space helmet, and when he sorties he’s so obsessed with cleaning it he forgets to fight! Fortunately for him, his opponents–his brother and his clone–are also occupied with random stuff inside their cockpits, so they all end up falling to Earth and burning up in a parody of those “atmospheric re-entry” scenes. So Subaru goes on the internet, WHILE FALLING, to see if anyone can help him escape incineration, and they all just tell him to screw off XD XD He then starts hallucinating all these goofy scenes with him and his mecha, and tries to eject but the “child lock” of the ejection lever is on, and only the durability of his mech saves him. Well, a second season has been announced for October, let’s see how that goes 😀

LoGH ep 12: Good episodes, with differences from the OVA becoming apparent. It’s the first time we really see Reinhard’s subordinates, like Bittenfeld, in action, and it’s also the first time we see Oliver Poplan and his friends (Poplan and another new character in this ep, Attenborough, showed up early on in the original series). Poplan’s personality is the same, but he’s just not as charming as he used to be…seems a lot more generic. Ah, well. Other than that, as can be expected, the Alliance fleet retreats because they’ve run out of food, but that’s exactly what Reinhard wants–he strikes them just as they’re in the middle of retreating. The space combat was pretty good–again, not sure I like the CG or the redesigned space fighters as much, but if this were a different anime I’d be quite happy. It also places more emphasis on the mechanics, which is nice–Poplan loses a couple of his friends in battle because his gun wasn’t working, and he blames the mechanics, but forgives them when he finds out they haven’t had anything to eat or drink because of the supply situation. That’s a little scene not present in the OVAs, and I guess another bit of emphasis on the logistical side of things is cool. There are also other little details, like the Imperial admiral Lutz having a special cannon on his ship, not present in the originals.

And so ends this season of LoGH. Maybe I’ll do a longer post on it later, maybe not, but a few brief thoughts: It’s better than I originally anticipated, the new artstyle isnt as good as the original but the show is paced well enough and contains enough of the spirit of the old OVAs that you forget about the new weirdness. That’s a testament to the quality of its writing, I’d say. Do all the changes work? Hmm…it’s certainly much much more streamlined, but some of the worldbuilding (like the poor servants being mistreated by the nobles) is even better than in the OVAs. However, the OVAs also had some nice scenes, like the sidestory of the star-crossed Imperial and FPA romance, that were pretty appealing. But, of course, the classical score of the OVAs is superior to the more pedestrian new music of Die Neue These, though on its own DNT’s music isn’t bad. So I still have to give the overall win to the original series, but the new LoGH is still a decent show on its own merits. Time to wait for the next season…

Megalo Box ep. 13: I guess you could say this episode was anti-climactic, but I really liked it. Yuri and Joe are friends, so this finale was really more like just a friendly sparring match, though of course since both want to test their abilities out to the max, they really pound each other and end up more or less knocking each other out, though you only see who the victor is at the end. Meanwhile, the Shirato lady just talks to the military dudes about how the Gears she’s making can help soldiers carry more stuff, but aren’t really meant to mount weapons, and that Megalo Boxing isn’t anything like real war, the intent of it was to demonstrate how Gears can augment the human physique rather than help people kill each other. The military guys aren’t very happy to hear that and less happy to see Yuri not using that Gear, but they still see the practicality in better strength for their soldiers.

So, as the series ends, we see Joe’s coach opening up a new gym where his old war buddies come back to, hanging out with the orphan kids, along with Yuri, who’s now in a wheelchair but otherwise OK, who brings along his dog for the orphans to play with. Joe gave up boxing for being a delivery guy, and hangs out with Yuri and Coach. So yeah, the original Ashita no Joe ended on a very melancholy note, but this is a hell of a happy ending–a straight-up brawl that was still friendly and good-natured, Joe and Yuri remain good friends and hang out together with their cute little orphan sidekicks/mascots after the big match, and so on. Very cheerful.

Oh, and the last scene of their fight is of a cross-counter, and then the post-boxing career scenes show up. We only see who won at the very end: Joe!

Overall, Megalo Box was a great series. Great music, great animation, almost great everything…my only caveats are two: First, I love mecha and the main character barely uses a mechanical Gear! ;_; Second, there are some plot lines that felt kinda dropped. Like I mentioned above, they never went very far with the “military gear” idea, just kind of letting it dangle in this final episode. Ah, well…

Darling in the Franxx, ep. 22: Oof, this was a depressing one ;_; So the war with the VIRM is over (for now, they’ll be back), and the evil human government has been disbanded, so everyone’s now living what we would consider to be “normal” lives–farming, building things with their hands, but since the planet is so devastated and nobody really knows how to do “normal” tasks, it seems like humanity is facing extinction. Giga-Strelitzia and the rest of the Klaxosaurs have gone off into space, but..02 is in a comatose state, and Hiro has to take care of her! ;_; Damn, this is like what happened in Zeta Gundam 😦

Kokoro’s pregnancy is also advancing, which causes a ton of drama because her memories and those of her baby’s father (Mitsuru) got erased earlier, so neither have them have ANY idea of what to do. Oh man, I could do without all that drama. :rolls eyes:

So after that, the kid’s overseers (Nana and this other guy) go through the now-deceased Dr. Franxx’s files and find out that all of the children unfit to be mecha pilots (a plot point from the early episodes) have been stored in cryogenic cells rather than killed, as a lot of fans had assumed. But that won’t do much good, because all the crops the kids are growing are just dying off, since the planet is so depleted due to the environmental effects of that “magma energy” stuff taken from the Klaxosaurs.

To make matters worse, Hiro figures out what’s wrong with 02: It seems like Strelitzia absorbed her mind, and synchronized itself to her body, and the reason it and the klaxosaurs went up into space was to fight the VIRM, who have their main base on Mars. So whenever the mech gets damaged, 02’s body is injured as well, and the only way to get her mind back is to go back to space and beat the rest of the VIRM once and for all. I guess that’s what the final two episodes will consist of…




Nothin this week, takin a lil break 😀


Still playing Into the Breach. It’s got a surprising amount of depth, I’m having fun unlocking more mechs and finding the best combos with them 😀


The Twilight Pariah by Jeremy Ford. Honestly, I really didn’t like this one, despite having high hopes for it, and barely managed to finish it. Essentially, a trio of kids find a weird skeleton buried beneath the outhouse of an abandoned mansion, which summons some kind of ghostly being that starts killing people.  The nature of the being ties into 19th century spiritualism, but I never really found myself scared or even particularly invested in the story. I didn’t care for any of the main characters, and even more importantly, I never really felt they were in any real danger even as random people around them got slaughtered by the creature (there’s a reason for this, but I don’t wanna spoil it). Maybe it’s just me, though…I’ll give this 3 stars in case other folks might take better to it than I did.

Aside from that, not much reading or writing this week, been so busy with the insurance folks :rolls eyes:


See above.

Well, that does it…hopefully next week will be better, though I say that a lot. 😛


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