Living the Good Life, Episode 87 (June 22, 2018): One delayed game, tons of others

Hoof! Kind of a tough week. First, the bad news (for my online life): The Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night demo got delayed to the 28th.


I’m just a mod for the forums, but yeah, I’m kinda sad about it, and many backers are angry. I can understand why, we were given really short notice, At least IGA clearly and forthrightly stated the reasons for the delay, and they seem to be understandable ones: There were a bunch of complaints about some minor glitches in the E3 demo, so he’d want to clear them all up before showing the work to the backers. I mean, an E3 demo is one thing, but if the backers themselves get annoyed by little bugs and glitches and stuff in the demo, that’s no good. So I can’t feel too disappointed, cause this delay indicates IGA’s paying close attention to the game and how the backers feel, so at least he’s not just neglecting his responsibilities. If nothing else, I’m glad the fans are taking it better than I thought they would…looks like IGA has earned a lot of faith from the Army of the Night. Now it’s up to him not to squander it…I REALLY hope the demo comes out properly on the 28th.

In happier news, though, the delay of the Bloodstained demo means I have more time to spend on the 3rd demo for Blasphemous! It just came out yesterday so I’ll do a full review of it next week. And also, I have more time to spend on Steam games, cause the summer sale has started! πŸ˜€ But first, check out my playthrough of Blasphemous:

Here’s mah haul:

Deep Dungeons of Doom: It looked like a fun little pixel indie game and it was on sale for 74 cents, so why not?

Exanima: A fantasy type adventure game, the battle system looked cool so I checked it out, even though it wasn’t on sale.

Into the Breach: Mecha strategy game from the makers of FTL, you KNOW I had to get that πŸ˜€

Avorion: Space adventure game that was a little cheap, gave it a look~

Wicce: Seemed like a fun little platformer, I got it to help support indie folks πŸ˜€

Ys VIII: I love Ys, so I got this even though it was still 54 dollars (from 60). I’ve heard bad things about the port and translation, but, ah, well…

Darkest Dungeon DLC (Color of Madness): I liked Darkest Dungeon, especially after the Radiant mode was included, so I gave this a look πŸ˜€

Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs DLC: I probably won’t play this much, since I already beat the base game, but I enjoyed Regalia so much that I thought I’d send a little extra money to the Polish devs πŸ˜€

Stellaris: Distant Stars story pack: Again, I enjoyed Stellaris, so I got this as well πŸ˜€

Age of Barbarian She-Red DLC: Age of Barbarian was already pretty much a Conan the Barbarian knockoff, which I found amusing enough to play, and now they’re adding in a Red Sonja knockoff, so I said, “eh, why not.”

So yeah, good times πŸ˜€ I might do a review on the ones I haven’t played yet (Ys 8 and Avorion, mainly).


Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu, ep. 12: This was an okay ep, though not my fave. We get to see a little bit of Subaru’s father, who designed the Durandal, and it turns out the Durandal is so overused it can’t be sent out, so Subaru has to take a backup mech…which is really dirty and he can’t stand it. Not much else to say there :p

LoGH ep 11: Good episode. It hits pretty much all the plot points of the failed Alliance invasion into the Empire that the original did: Poor logistics, the Empire taking away all the people’s food so the Alliance had to feed them, thus wrecking their supplies, and the complete incompetency of Fork (Falk in this translation). One thing, though, is that they took out the love story between an Imperial woman and an FPA soldier present in the original. Still, I guess that wasn’t so important. The final scene with the Imperial ships blasting off was also pretty cool, but man, now I see why folks think the ships are pretty overdesigned. There’s too much going on with them, in terms of little accessories attached to them, transparent parts, etc. But that’s no big deal. Overall, good times πŸ˜€

Megalo Box ep. 12: This was a very well made episode, but…disappointing for me. Yuri wants a perfectly fair one on one fight with Joe, so he removes his Gear, which is unique in that its integrated to his body. He visits Mikio, who has reformed and is apparently an OK guy now, to have the surgery. Naturally, Ms. Shirato doesn’t approve, but she relents and gives him what he wants anyways πŸ˜› Joe, meanwhile, trains with Aragaki at the last minute. So it looks like the next episode is gonna be the finale, Joe vs. Yuri. Why was I disappointed? Well, I love mecha, so I was hoping they would give Joe an advanced Gear of his own rather than taking away Yuri’s. Ah, well…

Darling in the Franxx, ep. 21: Oh wow, the Childhood’s End paralells are going stronger. The VIRM want to turn all human beings into immaterial souls ensconced in a perpetual paradise, kind of like the Overlords from Childhood’s End wanted to turn humanity into part of one immaterial psychic overmind type thing. That said, as I mentioned in /m/, the VIRM are doing it involuntarily while in Childhood’s End, the transformation was portrayed as a more natural thing. Aside from that, the Star Entity weapon the Klaxosaurs set up to defeat the VIRM has been turned into a time bomb that will blow up the whole planet by sneaky VIRM plans, so they only have an hour to figure out a solution! Umm…yeah, I’m not sure I understand that either. Why would the VIRM want to blow up Earth if their goal is to assimilate the Earth’s inhabitants?

Well, after that, the Klaxosaur Princess explains the backstory. It’s as I expected–60 million years ago, the “Klaxo sapiens” were a super advanced civilization sort of like Atlantis when the VIRM invaded. They managed to fend off the VIRM, but only at the cost of turning themselves into biological weapons. The only one of them left was the Klax Princess, and she sealed herself and all the klaxo sapiens, now giant anti-VIRM weapons called Klaxosaurs, under the ground, and humanity evolved, and so on. Unfortunately, VIRM secret agents, posing as the APE guys, managed to gain control of human civilization and turn them against the Klaxosaurs, so when the VIRM main fleet arrived 60 million years later, the inhabitants of Earth would be fighting each other instead of working together against the invaders.

So their superweapon, Star Entity, was supposed to be their trump card against the return of the VIRM, and that was why they left the Klax Princess alive, since only she could operate it. Dr. Franxx cloned 02 from her so humans would be able to use the weapon as well, but it looks like the VIRM were one step ahead of him. He also cloned the 9 series, the elite team, from 02, but it seems like those guys are entirely under the thrall of the APE folks, who as we know were VIRM agents in disguise. Not that it does them any good…the VIRM mecha start fighting them as well.

So the good guys figure their only hope is to get 02 to Star Entity and see if she can operate it and/or defuse the bomb, since she hasn’t been infected by the VIRM. Ikuno sacrifices herself to open a path through some blocked debris–she unleashes a hyper attack and ages massively in a few seconds–and everyone else apparently gives their lives to ensure 02 and Dr. Franxx can reach the door to Star Entity. Franxx’s arm gets torn off in order to open the door, and before he dies, 02 forgives him, which is nice.

Unfortunately, it seems like she was too late–the countdown reaches 0, Hiro seems to have been totally absorbed by the VIRM, and the bomb is about to go off. At the last second, the horns on 02’s head grow rapidly, the Klaxosaur Princess gives her the last of her life energy, and the VIRM infection is purged. Hiro and 02 pilot Star Entity, or their mech Strelitzia’s final super-powered form, and easily destroy the VIRM fleet. Unfortunately, one of them escapes, threatening to bring back ANOTHER VIRM army! And in the last shot of the episode, it’s heavily implied that 02 died in the process of restoring Hiro and purging the VIRM infection. Nooo ;_;

Well, it was certainly a ride, but…again, I’m not too fond of the plot. As I mentioned above, VIRM’s actions make no real sense, and if they’ve been driven off, what are they gonna spend the next 3 or so episodes on? This is 24 episodes, and the climactic fight against the VIRM just happened on the 21st. Will the big VIRM army return in the next episode? It took them 60 million years to come back before. Maybe they’ll try to revive 02? I guess that might make sense. Maybe fight against the elite team who wanted to serve the VIRM-compromised human government? Meh, I dunno. We’ll see.



Star did the next ep of Dragonar! Hooray~


Aside from Blasphemous ( πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ ), I did play a bit of Ashes of the Singularity. I guess I got it a while back but forgot. It’s…kinda crappy. More or less a redux of Supreme Commander/Total Annihilation, in that you play robots that are mass produced via nanomachines and whatnot, but it doesn’t have nearly as many units to choose from. So it kinda sucks :p Ah, well. However, Phoenix Point got an update! Check it out, the new monsters look very cool:


Also played some Brigador: Up-Armored edition and really enjoyed it. My steam review:

It’s a real shame this game wasn’t more popular. It’s not very complex, but there are tons of weapons and mechs and combinations thereof to enjoy, and holy shit, the music and graphics really hit the mark. This is like a mecha version of GTA Vice City–the neon colors, the mass destruction, the vaguely Central/South American atmosphere, and the 80s-esque music combine to form the ultimate in A E S T H E T I C S. I highly recommend it!

So yeah, good times, good times πŸ˜€


Briefing # 5 for Phoenix Point!

Good stuff, it seems like Synedrion’s plotline will involve artificial intelligence somehow. Hmm…


Got a bit of work on my secret projects, though not that much. It might be hard in the next week cause I got so many games to play, but we’ll see πŸ˜€

Very nice week, despite the disappointment with Bloodstained. Here’s hoping next week is as good, or better! ;D


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