Living the Good Life, Episode 86 (June 15, 2018): Hoof, what a crazy E3!

Things have been…OK recently. Codes came out for Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon very slowly, so the fans are angry, and the E3 trailer for Ritual of the Night was delayed, making the fans even angrier! I understand why they delayed the trailer, though…since it’s a very in depth trailer, they didn’t want to spoil anything for backers who wouldn’t receive the demo till E3. And it would kinda get overlooked if it came out during E3, because…


Holy shit, things got ABSOLUTELY CUH-RAY-ZEE!


Seriously, Devil May Cry 5, Cyberpunk 2077, Kingdom Hearts 3, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice…lotta new stuff announced. The reaction seems to be kinda ambivalent…lotta folks didn’t like Dante’s look in DMC5, but I think it’ll be ok. Sekiro isn’t the Kuon sequel I was hoping for, though, it’s a new thing. Ah, well. Me, I might check out Cyberpunk when it’s out.

But Bloodstained did have a presence at E3, IGA showed off the demo to a few people, though not everyone, and also answered some questions about the game. Good times…the main problem seems to be that during dialogue, the character’s mouths look really silly, but that’s something which can be changed. Here’s some demo footage if you’re interested:



Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu, ep. 11: Haha, this was great. What a wonderful parody of a lot of whiny young protagonists in mecha animes who complain about “adults” and all that. A PR crew is sent to the Tiramisu in order to increase support for the war effort, and Subaru doesn’t like that at all, but then he finds out the film guys are from a show he really likes and immediately is won over. Then, when he sorties in the Durandal with them inside, he runs into tha space doggie he abandoned earlier! And the space doggie…promptly finds another space doggie and starts humping it. Oh, man XD XD XD

LoGH ep 10: Decent ep. Here both Yang and Reinhard discuss the upcoming incursion into the Empire’s space, Yang knowing what a bad idea it is and Reinhard anticipating how to crush it utterly. Meanwhile, of course, Rubinsky and the guys at Phezzan are plotting how to take advantage of the situation. Rubinsky, the leader of the trading nation of Phezzan, strikes me as even more callous and manipulative here than he did in the series, and he was plenty sneaky then too!

One thing in general I do like about the series is the architecture of the Free Planets Alliance. It does a good job of seeming more futuristic, which made sense for the FPA as compared to the wanna-be Prussians of the Galactic Empire.

But yeah, overall a pretty good episode. Just chillin, just chillin~

Megalo Box ep. 11: Great episode! So Joe starts off fighting the American boxer like he’s going to lose–he has his fake useless gear on, and the mafia guys watching the match are confident they’ll make money if he throws it. But then Joe’s little kid sidekick, Sachio, shows up and tells him to win, and Yuri also shows up and says the same, so he tosses the junk gear and knocks out his opponent with one punch. Naturally, the Mafia guys are pissed, but Joe’s coach gouges out HIS OWN EYE as payment for Joe’s life, and that satisfies the Mafia. Pretty hardcore! Now it’s time for the big fight with Yuri…

Darling in the Franxx, ep. 21: Didn’t come out this week D:



Star’s still busy, though Sky gave me a couple new eps 😀


Still not playing much, though I did get all the achievements in Curse of the Moon 😀


All related to my secret projects 😮


Got a decent bit of work on at least one of my secret projects, but not much more than that. Still, some progress is better than none…On to next week!




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