Living the Good Life, Episode 85 (June 8, 2018): Inti Creates >:[

Ooof…tough week. Moderating the Bloodstained fan forums is still keeping me very busy. Inti Creates fucked up SO BAD! The situation is still pretty bad…it’s been more than 2 weeks since Curse of the Moon released, and Inti STILL hasn’t produced working codes for backers some regions! People are getting really angry and its all my friends and I can do to keep the peace on the forums. Ugh. I hope this ends soon, cause the next demo for the main game, Ritual of the Night, is popping up on the 21st, and that will keep us very busy.

Well, in happier news I have managed to get a decent bit of work done in organizing all the files on my computer. I had like 40,000 various images and word documents squirreled away in my “unorganized” folder of my main hard drive, and yesterday after several weeks of work I managed to put all of that stuff into more appropriate sub-folders! Certainly felt good 😀


Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu, ep. 10: Haha, another great episode. So Subaru’s clone is as high-strung as he is, but extremely dim-witted, the evil rival has to trick him into piloting his own mech. And when the rival’s mech transforms, the clone tries to ride it and ends up breaking it! An amusing takeoff on shows where one mech transforms into a bird or plane so the hero’s mech can ride it. Then Subaru gets a powerup himself that makes his machine go a lot faster…and gets pulled over by the space police. Top lel :p

LoGH ep 9: This was a lovely episode. No space battles, but it explains the huge social and economic stresses the war gas taken on the FPA, and the short-sightedness of the politicians who want it to continue to help their electoral chances. We also see Yang’s old friend, Jessica, enter politics to put a stop to that nonsense, but those of you who’ve watched the original series know how that turns out…;_;

In general, I’m pretty happy about how the new series managed to hit all the important parts of the old series in a pretty short span of time. Die Neue These covers the first season of the OVA, and that was 24 episodes while DNT is only 12. Even so, I don’t think I’m really missing out on anything. The new character and mecha designs are nothing to write home about, but you get used to them. Overall I’m pretty pleased.

Megalo Box ep. 10: Sweet ep! So it turns out the mafia guys who got Joe the fake ID want him to throw another match or they’ll kill him and his kid sidekick–but obviously, Joe’s not having that. So his coach has to get protection for the little kid sidekick, who turns out to be the son of a Shirato engineer killed due to his work on Shirato’s advanced gear. He thinks about killing the Shirato lady using a knife given to him by the coach, but doesn’t have the heart to do it, and the coach manages to get the Shirato lady to protect him for a while as a result, since it seems like the kid’s dad died due to some underhanded dealings in the Shirato company. Meanwhile, Yuri fights one of his matches against a Mexican Megalo Boxer and easily defeats him–a short fight, but really cool. And the episode ends with Yuri and Joe chatting a bit, it seems that Yuri was once a nobody taken in by the Shirato lady and fights to repay her. So I guess the next ep is going to be Joe’s fight with the remaining challenger, and the final ep is the showdown between Joe and Yuri. Can’t wait 😀

Darling in the Franxx, ep. 20: No new ep this week! Weird…



Still waitin for Sky and Star~~ They busy with other stuff.


Not much this week ;-;



Not much ;_;


Still not much…so busy moderating Bloodstained! ;_;

Busy, busy. We’ll see if things have calmed down a bit next week…


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