Living the Good Life, Episode 83 (May 25, 2018): The Job Search Continues

Hoof! Exciting developments this week, friends. But first, here’s the general lowdown…


Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu, ep. 8: Not the funniest episode, but still good. Our protag leaves his evil brother’s fortress when he accidentally dings his bro’s mech and drives up his insurance premiums, then finds out he’s been replaced on his old starship with a cutesy mascot robot. Except the mascot is actually a lot more devious than it seemed. Haha, I loved that takeoff on goofy mascots in mecha shows XD

LoGH ep 8: The Castrop Rebellion! Looks like they went with a kind of elizabethan theme for the rebels rather than a Roman/Greek one, haha. We also get a first look at the other admirals under Reinhard’s command, most of whom we know and love from the OVAs (Mecklinger, Bittenfeld, etc). The Rebellion itself is quelled in like half a minute, it went quicker than in the OVAs, IIRC. But I guess that makes sense. Anyways, Oberstein also joins up with Reinhard in this episode. His speech was pretty good, but it’s just not the same without Kaneto Shiozawa’s voice…;_; Ah, well. Still pretty good.

Megalo Box ep. 8: No action this episode, but it concerns the internal scheming going on between the Shirato siblings and the gears they’re developing, which gives Joe an opportunity to outplay Mikio and convince the CEO lady for a rematch with her brother! Guess the next ep is when the real fun will start…

Darling in the Franxx, ep. 18: Another episode goes by with more drama and no mechs. There’s some cute stuff with Mitsuru and Kokoro getting “married,” and somewhat more heavy stuff with another character (Ikuno) being revealed as a lesbian, but at the end of the episode Mitsuru and Kokoro get brainwashed and lose their memories because the (apparently evil) overlords of the future human society don’t want people to rekindle all those old passions of love and other emotions. How dystopian…like a lot of folks say, it seems likely Hiro and the rest of the good guys are going to rebel against that order :p




Aww, Sky’s suffering some computer troubles T_T Well, we’ll wait and see when she can get it fixed up, I’m in no rush.



Man, this is a pretty sweet mini-game I got as part of my pledge for Bloodstained. People have already beaten the game, but I haven’t any time at all to play it farther than the first level ;_; But at least that was pretty fun, I’ll get to it next week.


Newest Berserk chapter! Not much happened here, honestly…some cool action scenes, but nothing moving the plot forward. Ah, well ;_;


A little bit of progress–not much, but a little–on my secret project. That’s good enough for me.

So, what’s been keeping me busy, too busy to play many games or put a ton of work in on my project? Well, there have been a couple job opportunities I’ve seen recently, and I’ve been busy setting up my resumes and stuff for them. They’re long shots, but it might be nice to get into one of them. And if I don’t, no big deal, as I said they’re long shots. Just gotta keep truckin 😀

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