Living the Good Life, Episode 80 (April 20, 2018): Winter still hasn’t ended! GAAAHHHH!!!

Dammit! It’s still snowy as hell! This weather is RIDICULOUS! Ugh, well at least the job hunt is going well. I took my drug test on Wednesday and passed easily enough ;D So now I’ll be going in for my first day on the job soon. Guess we’ll see how that works out, but for now…


Tiramisu ep. 3: Okay, hot damn, this is the funniest anime I’ve seen in weeks. The captain’s daughter gets preferential treatment and is allowed to pilot the protag’s mech, so he gets shunted off to her mech…which is totally girly and the episode revolves around how embarrassed he is! Such an amusing riff on those female-looking mechs (like Aphrodite from Mazinger, Allenby’s mech from G Gundam, etc.) we sometimes see, classic XD

LoGH remake ep 3: This is OK. The timeline of events is a little different than it was in the original series, with some of the history about Earth being put in as narration, and than Kircheis meeting with Oberstein rather than Reinhard. There are also some small scenes which hammer home the inequality between nobles and commoners much more than in the original. However, the depiction of Kircheis and Reinhard’s childhood was just like it was in the old OVAs. Oberstein’s voice is OK, but it’s still just not as good as Kaneto Shiozawa’s ;_; RIP.

Darling in the FranXX Ep 14: Urgh, drama! Just as Hiro and 02 make up, all their teammates blame 02 for injuring Hiro so badly. At the end of the episode they finally agree to allow him and 02 to meet and make up their differences, but a misunderstanding means the two miss each other, so there’s more drama because 02 feels like she was tricked. Ugh, I hate misunderstanding drama…can’t wait to get back to the mech action :p

Megalo Box ep. 4: Pretty interesting episode. Joe and his trainer are trying to work up money to get a new Gear that can compete with Yuri’s top of the line tech (Joe’s Gear is old and busted) and rescue some street urchins from a fight in the process. After that, they start training–this was my favorite part, because they get down into some IRL boxing specifics, like how to keep one’s guard up and watch for fakeouts. And at the end of the episode, one of those urchins steals a new Gear to pay Joe back for saving him, gets in trouble, and is saved by Joe…though they bust up the Gear in the process, alas. I wonder how they’re gonna build a new one by the next episode?





Did give another ep to Sky, she’ll be workin on that~


Check out this neat Phoenix Point vid, at another English games conference:

A lot of new awesome-sounding info there, like boss monsters that can capture and mutate your soldiers, and a neat multiclassing system! Very cool, very cool. Also, Briefing #4 came out, another collection of Phoenix Point short stories. Go to and sign up for the newsletter! The stories were really cool, the first one was pretty Lovecraftian and the last one had some nice action in it. This game is sounding cooler and cooler, I can’t wait till the demo comes out on the 30th!!!!!

Also, Bloodstained sent out a survey, if you’re interested in the games, do me a solid and fill it out 😀



Just The Briefing #4 😀


Got a *bit* of writing done, not so much but a respectable amount.

Well, on to work next week…like I said, we’ll see how it goes.


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