Living the Good Life, Episode 79 (April 13, 2018): Jobs soon! Perhaps!

Exciting week, my friends. The weather was bad again, with some snow showing up, but hopefully that should be winter’s last gasp. In better personal news, I might have gotten a job! Can’t say too much about it since some of the data I work with is sensitive, but suffice it to say it’s a 40-hour-a-week job that lasts for one year, and mainly involves data entry. It won’t make me a millionaire, but it’s better than nothing. I woulda liked a permanent position, but maybe this temp one can give me an in with the company. 😀 It starts next week, so I’ll tell you how it goes then. Until then, here’s what I’ve been up to this week:


Darling in the Franxx Ep. 13:  No action at all this ep, aside from the very end, but I guess we get to see more of the world and setting. It turns out Hiro and 02 are childhood friends, and we all know what that means. What a surprise. Ah, well, at least we also learn that there’s definitely something very suspicious going on with all the kids trained as pilots like Hiro was, as they disappeared constantly when he was young. Looks like this world is a dystopia…

Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu 2: Haha, another amusing little pair of sketches where our hero finds and promptly abandons a “space chihuahua,” and we meet a new character, an overly-motherly and annoying mechanic. Fun times!

Logh remake ep 2: Not much to say about this…it pretty much follows the exact same plot as the first episodes of the original OVA (Reinhard defeats the Alliance fleets individually, Yang saves the Alliance in the nick of time, Lapp dies, etc.). The only difference is there’s no nice classical music and the CGI ships don’t look as cool. There are a couple of things of interest, though. First, there’s not as much blood as there was in some of the graphic segments of the OVA, so some fans might like that. Second, there are some little touches that add to the feeling that this takes place in the future, like automated self-repair systems on some of the ships, that I don’t recall the original had. Cool stuff, though I still prefer the original. 😛

Megalo Box ep. 2: As expected, Yuri knocks out Junk Dog without much trouble, but is impressed enough that he offers JD a rematch in the official Megalo Box tournament. So, JD has to get a forged citizenship ID, and he takes as his new name…Joe! Guess thats the reference to Ashita no Joe, haha. Good ep, can’t wait for the next one 😀




Takin a break on that for now since we got another ep out last week 😀


Tried to get into Vindictus again, but I couldn’t…They’ve changed so much about it, and many of the changes are for the better–I woulda been on cloud nine if this game had all the quality of life improvements it has now back when I first played it. But as it stands, everything is so different and I dunno what’s going on…:sob: Ah, well. At least I’m glad the game gave me so many happy memories 🙂

Couple of new things for Bloodstained and Phoenix Point, check it out:



The Harvest by Scott Nicholson. OK overall. I mean, there’s not much to say about the premise, typical 80s horror movie stuff. Some plant-fungus spore type thing lands in Hillbilly country, begins to poison the ground, infects some people and animals and turns them into zombies, and it’s up to a plucky, mismatched group to blow up the spore’s hideout before it can conquer the world. That’s really pretty much it, the zombie monsters are scary, the characters are well-drawn enough to be distinguished (though not especially sympathetic), and the plot is predictable but doesn’t disappoint. My biggest complaint would be that some of the character threads and plotlines, namely the African American guy’s and the religious guy’s, didn’t really tie in with the main struggle to destroy the alien very much. But overall this wasn’t so bad, got what I paid for at least 😛

Bone Chimes by Kristopher Rufty. This is a short horror story collection, I thought it was OK. Rufty was definitely influenced by Bentley Little, his stories often have a lot of sex mixed in with the violence and scares. I don’t think the writing is *quite* as good as Little’s, but it’s good enough. At least I got a reasonable amount of value out of the purchase 😀 4 stars it is.


Nothin this week, busy with job application stuff >:O

The same will probably apply for the next few weeks…don’t think I’ll be able to work on my secret project, gonna have to put that on hold until I’ve settled in. Ah, well :p

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