Living the Good Life, Episode 78 (April 6, 2018): Soo much wind!

Hot damn! Crazy times over here recently. We just had some big windstorm or something and the roof of our house got damaged! We’ll have to pay for repairs, which is a shame, but at least no-one was hurt, so that’s good 😀 Aside from that, this week went pretty well. The lowdown:


Darling in the FranXX episode 12: Some interesting plot going on, the protags visit one of the labs where they were created and learn some stuff about 02 when the evil aliens attack. Apparently she drains the life from her partners and is definitely not entirely human, having genes from the aliens. Hiro tries to make her feel better about this, but she rebuffs his outspoken advances, saying he’s simply her “fodder” to allow her to kill more and more aliens so she can somehow become human. Again, all interesting enough, but there’s not been a whole lot of action anywhere for a while. Meh, at least the show succeeds in getting me to want to know more about the setting, so I’ll stick with it :p

LoGH remake, ep. 1: You know I love LoGH, but this remake didn’t seem like it’d be so great. Well, I watched it, and…my expectations were met, at least not disappointed :p The music was pretty mediocre compared to the originals (OP and ED nothing to write home about), the character designs don’t have the charm of the originals, and the new spaceships are overdesigned CG. On the other hand, the voice acting’s OK and it’s following the original plot closely enough. So yeah, I’ll watch it out of brand loyalty, while at least being glad it’s not worse than I thought it’d be 😛

Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu: Haha, this might be my favorite show of the season! It’s a short 7 minute parody of mecha anime, where the main character pilots a mech against some nondescript alien enemy, but he’s more concerned about eating inside the cockpit and putting his shirt on backwards than fighting. I mean, that’s pretty much it, the humor really reminds me of Cromartie High School, which is a plus. Fun times!

Megalo Box episode 1: This is based off of Ashita no Joe, a boxing manga from several decades ago, updated to be in a scifi setting. The story is that there’s a form of entertainment that mixes power armor (called “Gears”) and boxing, called Megalo Box, and our protag, Junk Dog, is one such Megalo boxer. It seems in this future society, most rights are held only by citizens, with non-citizens being left out in the cold, and as you can imagine, our hero is a non-citizen. A big tournament might be a way for him to show off his skills, but…only citizens can enter. Now, Junk Dog makes his money by throwing fights to other opponents in megalo boxing matches people bet on and making off with some of the profits, but in this first episode he expresses a desire to fight for real.

This was really nice! I haven’t seen AnJ nor am I a boxing fan, but this was thoroughly enjoyable. The music was GREAT! I think it might be my favorite OST of the season. The animation was excellent, as were the character designs. I thought Junk Dog’s voice was a little deeper than I expected, but I got used to it and the rest of the voices were great. In terms of plot, there seems to be an element of an underdog (Junk Dog) rising up through boxing and fighting the class inequality of his society as much as he fights his opponents. From what I hear, the original Ashita no Joe had those themes–if so, Megalo Box is a worthy successor. The only real complaint I have is what I’ve mentioned before to my friends–the power armor, Gears, seems to be an afterthought. The gears don’t cover the whole body, they only fit on the back and arms to assumedly increase punching strength. But then a single blow on the unarmored head or torso ought to kill the boxer! Ah, well, suspension of disbelief. So yeah, fun times!


Next ep of Dragonar is UP, my friends!


Emulating Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. It’s kinda like OoE, but you can play as two characters and switch between them, or have the other one on screen to help you. I really enjoyed it, though some of the bosses were pretty underwhelming. Also, the art style and dialogue were kinda kiddy. But still fun overall.

Also, new interview with the voice actors from Bloodstained! 2 of 3, check it out:


Nothin much this week, busy busy~


Got a pretty decent chunk of work done on my secret project, though each chapter seems to be ballooning in size…Ah, well, just gotta keep truckin.

Anyways, I may be considerably busier pretty soon…my “secret project” is just a personal passion thing, but I might have found myself a full time job! We’ll see how it goes next week 😮


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