Living the Good Life, Episode 77 (March 30, 2018): Spring has Spruuuung!

Finally! All the snow is melting and it seems like winter has been soundly defeated. Ah, how good…


Junji Ito Collection ep. 12: This is the last episode, I think? Just like the other ones. The first part involves some mysterious nectar that tastes really good but makes people seemingly get crushed if they’re “noticed” while eating it. It turns out that there’s a huge, supernatural tree that sends out its tendrils to destroy anyone who eats its nectar, no matter where they are. Weird and sorta creepy, bit not so much so.

The second part, now this was fun. Souichi and the scary cannibal lady from the first episode come back! Souichi starts spreading rumors at school to make himself more popular, but when he’s found out, he starts spreading rumors about the cannibal lady as a monster who terrorizes children! Eventually he runs into her, and she looks like she’s gonna eat him, but then he calls her “beautiful” and the story ends. Hah, not a bad way to cap off the series!

Darling in the FranXX episode 11: Ooof, so much drama. One of Hiro’s friends, Mitsuru, came down with a kind of disease, revealed to be due to an injection he had to make him “stronger” as a kid. It’s also revealed he originally wanted to be Hiro’s partner, but since Hiro left the piloting program, Mitsuru felt betrayed and never trusted anyone again afterwards. The disease begins to affect his performance, so their commanders decide to do a pilot shuffle, and Mitsuru joins up with another girl named Kokoro. This makes Kokoro’s partner, a fat guy named Futoshi, feel betrayed, and when another giant monster attacks, the team can’t really do anything until Mitsuru gets his act together and really puts his heart into piloting with Kokoro. After a nice action scene, they destroy the monster and all is well, aside from Futoshi tearfully punching Mitsuru and getting him to promise to protect Kokoro.

Urrgh…I don’t really like relationship drama, but I can tolerate it for the sake of mech action. Here’s hoping the next ep has more of that…




Starseeker’s been busy with another anime (Lensman). She’ll get to Dragonar soon~


So much cool stuff!

New update for Phoenix Point:

Uuurgh, the demo/alpha has been delayed till April 30, not early April. That sucks, but it sounds like they’re trying to get the inventory system in, which is cool. Also, they have a ton of enemy variants and ideas set up in the concept art! That sounds really sweet, if there’s a ton of content in the demo I can wait until April 😀


English voice actors revealed! I don’t know too many of them aside from Hayter and Belgrade, but they seem very good. Miriam’s voice in particular, Ms. Lindbeck, seems perfect 😀 I can’t wait! My only despair is that the Bloodstained demo isn’t coming out till June 2018. That’s a long way away! Still, I guess that gives me plenty of time to play the Phoenix Point demo ;D

To get ready for Bloodstained, I’ve been playing some Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia via DS emulation. It’s a pretty good game, though Dawn of Sorrow might be my favorite Igavania on the DS overall. Ecclesia has great graphics, gameplay, and a very cool main character, but a couple of the stages are just straight lines without secrets, and I do wish there were more “Glyph Union” secret attacks. Glyph Unions are combos you can make with different weapons/spells, but they’re limited to: Big scythes, big swords, big axes, big hammers, big spears, big bows, ice/fire/ piercings, and dark/lightning/holy/wind storms. I wish there were things like fire bows, holy/dark weapons, wind spears, things like that. But, ah well…


Not much this week ;o


Got a bit of work done on mah sekrit projekt, but been occupied with other stuff so not too much. Next week will be better, I hope…


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