Living the Good Life, Episode 75 (March 16, 2018): Gaaaah! Still cold!

Ugh! More winter storms! I have seriously fuggin had it with this winter! Ah, well…


Junji Ito collection ep. 10: Part one…Uuuugh, this was the grossest episode yet! Way too much oil, that’s all I’ll say.

Part two was better, IMO. No jump scares, but a very creepy, sinister ghost story, IMO. I don’t think I scare especially easy, but this one gave me…not terror, exactly, but a very profound sense of unease that made it difficult for me to sit still in my seat. Goosebumps, that’s the best word for it. Very nice.

Darling in the FranXX ep 9: I rather liked this episode. Mecha action again involving a big jellysish like monster, and some advancement in a love triangle of sorts–our protag, Hiro, is in love with 02, but another girl is in love with him,  and one of Hiro’s friends is in love with her! In trying to destroy the monster, the girl has to eject from their mech and Hiro’s friend prepares to sacrifice himself to destroy it, but a plan from 02 allows the girl to rescue him just in time, and he confesses his love for her, though it’s open-ended as to whether or not she reciprocates. Good times!




Sent the next ep of Dragonar over to Starseeker, hopefully that’s out soon 😀


Not much this week :p Tomorrow Bloodstained is gonna have a panel at SXSW, though, so I’ll be eagerly awaiting the news on dat!


Nothin this week, really, too busy with…


Got a surprisingly decent amount of work done on chapter 3 of my secret project. Not as much as I’d like, but enough to keep things going steady.

On to next week~


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