Living the Good Life, Episode 74 (March 9, 2018): The cold returns D:

Shiiiit! It’s getting cold again! Damn it…I hoped March would be warmer, but it seems winter is gonna last until April or later. Uuuuugh. I’ve had enough of Winter! I can’t wait for spring and summer! Ah, well…

Junji Ito collection ep 9: Oh damn, this might be the scariest episode yet! The first part involves Tomie, who I guess is Ito’s rendition of a succubus/temptress type monster, but she goes much more for body horror (a la The Thing) than most of those other vamps do! Tomie is one of Ito’s most popular and recurring villains, so you may already be familiar with her, but if you’re not all I’ll say is that she drives men to madness, but that ends up being part of her plan–and the last shot of this first half of the episode is REALLY reminiscent of The Thing!

The second part wasn’t quite as creepy, but still had some very nice imagery. It’s Ito’s take on a “town overcome by vampires” story. The nature of the infection and how it spreads isn’t exactly clear, but it does seem to have something to do with plants, which results in some very freaky trees being seen around the area, and a rather bleak ending. Another good short!

Darling in the Franxx ep. 8: Not my favorite episode, though a little more action in this one, and it was kind of amusing. There starts to be some sexual tension between the male and female protagonists, so the girls get angry and force the guys to stay on one side of their shared dormitory. But they didn’t really think things through, and as it happens a lot of amenities are on the boy’s side. Under such a state of affairs, they can’t really work together, so our heroine Zero Two essentially trolls them into getting their grievances with each other out into the open and having them all make up. Reasonably entertaining.




Nothin this week, Sky and Star are busy~


Playing more Subnautica. Another thing that impressed me about the game was the detail they put into the ecosystem. It’s somewhat primitive in terms of how the creatures interact in game (predators eat prey animals and thats about it) but you can use an item to scan all the creatures you meet, and that unlocks entries in a sort of database you can access from the options menu. That database is pretty detailed for a videogame, mentioning the symbiotic relationships or place in the ecosystem most of the animals and plants occupy. They put a lot of thought into that, very cool.

Alas, one thing I really hate: There’s a late-game enemy called a “Warper,” and while it’s not too tough on its own, the really annoying thing is that it can warp you out of your submarine or vehicle if you’re piloting one. That doesn’t sound so bad if you’re in the Seamoth, which is a small submarine vehicle, because it floats and you can just swim back to it. However, another vehicle, the Prawn mecha, doesn’t float or swim, it walks on the seafloor and jumps with its boosters. If the Warper teleports you away from it, your Prawn can fall to the bottom of the ocean, or even worse, into lava if you’re teleported while jumping, thus destroying your vehicle entirely! Really cheap, I wish they made it so the Warper only teleports you out of the Seamoth and just attacks the Prawn normally.

In other news, Bloodstained seems to be progressing well, and I also came across another cool article on Phoenix Point!

Some new info there 😀


As usual, not much this week :p


No PP fanfic this week, the pre-alpha is coming out in April and I wanna wait for it before I start writing more. On the other hand, I made pretty good progress on Chapter 2 of secret project! I think I’ll be able to finish it up today or tomorrow, and get a little bit of work done on chapter 3 on Saturday.

Welp, pretty good times so far. Here’s hoping next week is warmer…


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