Living the Good Life, Episode 73 (March 2, 2018): SOME Secret Project Progress!

Decent week this week, though it’s getting cold again 😦


Darling in the Franxx Ep. 7: No mecha action in this one, it’s a beach episode! You know what that means, fanservice and frolicing. Well, a couple plot points were revealed: First, in this society, love and sex are apparently completely unknown, the protagonists don’t know what kisses are or how children are born. That’s interesting…given that they all have numbers (their names aren’t “official”), were they cloned rather than conceived and birthed naturally? Second, there are ruins scattered around the closed cities the protagonists defend. So what happened in the past to make the planet look the way it does now? Interesting…

Junji Ito collection ep. 8: Part one was pretty freaky–a girl’s fiance turns out to have a terrible secret involving his very creepy ancestors, who have amalgamated into a bizarre creature you’ll have to see to understand. Ick! The second part involves a creepy circus that steals people’s souls, the method of which I don’t want to spoil. Good episode overall.







Next ep of Dragonar is UP, my friends! 😀


Not much this week, aside from some more Shadow of the Colossus. I didn’t bother taking any more videos, couldn’t muster the energy. But the remake is beautiful…the graphics are really, really nice, though they take some time to get used to. Overall it’s better than the PS3 remake, but Wander still has some problems just flailing around on the latter two Colossi. Ah, well.

Also bought another game on Steam “Papers, Please.” This is a weird pixel game where you play as an immigration officer of a Communist country called “Arkstovta” in the 1980s. It’s sort of like a puzzle game where you have to get very good at interpreting information and matching data very quickly. Your responsibility is to process as many immigrants as you can as quickly as possible, because the more of them you process, the more money you get to support your family (the game ends if they die of starvation or you go into debt). The processing process (heh) involves the immigrant walking into your booth and showing you a piece of paper–their ID card, passport, or whatever. At first, it’s very simple–you just need to look at the immigrant and the picture on the ID card and see if they match, and then press “approved”(if they match) or denied (if there’s a discrepancy). But later on, you need to check if the ID numbers are correct, and also start interrogating the immigrants–figuring out why they want to enter Arkstovta, how long they’ll stay, etc., and finding out any discrepancies in their stories to decide if they can enter or if they should be kept out. It gets very difficult the further in the game you go because you get paid depending on how many immigrants you let in, but penalized if you get things wrong, so the more information you have to deal with, the more quickly you have to perform interrogations and stuff in order to make enough money to feed your family. Most interestingly, later in the game you can choose to let in/deny certain plot important characters that can do things like stage a coup in your homeland, leading to different endings. Definitely a nifty idea, I can see why this game got so many awards 😀

Finally, Bloodstained got an update!


Not much this week :p


I got a lot of work done on my project, but it seems the second chapter of it is going to be longer than I anticipated…I might finish it this week, but that’ll be a tall order. A little discouraging, but oh well, if it’s longer than I expected there’s nothing to be done. :p

Also managed to get out another quick Phoenix Point fanfic:

So OK week overall, hopefully the next will be better…


  1. johnkutensky · · Reply

    Guess I’ll have to watch Darling in the Franxx. Sounds interesting. I just played Papers, Please this week myself! Had to play it in small chunks, though. It was stressful. Plus I didn’t realize there was a ruler and a scale until day like, 20, so I got a lot of citations for incorrect weights and heights until I Googled that…

    1. Haha, yeah, things get really complex later in the game.

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